Must Watch! Brandon Derbowka – Suicide Whips


It has been a while since I gave a video the Must Watch tag, Brandon Derbowka just changed the game with this 00:37 clip! So much bike control to pull off seven no handed whiplashes, this truly is next level! If you watch one thing today on the internet, make it this!

37 thoughts on “Must Watch! Brandon Derbowka – Suicide Whips

  1. Absolutely unreal. Watched it about a dozen times, but still in awe and trying to figure out the wizardry involved.

  2. Amazing!!! Congrats man…. Thanks for pushing the limits. I can’t imagine the work you put into this…..

  3. F###### AMAZING, best clip I’ve ever seen. props to you Brandon. edit of the decade in my eyes

  4. I don’t think it’s too early to call out trick of the year for this one, hoa!!!

    Stoked to have watch this unfold behond the camera!

  5. I don’t think it’s too early to call out trick of the year for this one, hoa!!!

    Stoked to have watch this unfold behind the camera!

  6. overwhelmed by the responses. huge thanks to pete olsen for everything, this just would not have happened without you!
    for me to be able to impress MARTTI, thats just, wow. I am so glad to repay the favor, although im miles short of debt paid in full

  7. I have lost count how many times I have watched this. I loved the ending. He doesn’t even grab the bars…. just rolls on out with ease no-handed. This IS the trick of the decade. Maybe we can get a flatmatters interview on his training techniques and how long it took to master this?

  8. This is so unreal. Especially considering how many flatlanders there are and have been and that whiplashes have been around for 28 or 29 years, and no one has even filmed a double no handed whiplash up to this point. The only whiplash variation that I can think that would be harder than this is a no handed jump lash.
    Regardless this dude is about to win every best trick contest.

  9. This is just nuts. Congrats, this blows other guys tinkering with this trick right out of the water. Several tricks are needed to come up with nohand whiplashes. Also you have to put weight on the heels to twist down the pegs in order keep up the back of the bike when it’s in front of you, if I am not mistaken. The executions is simply flawless. Congrats again, you’ve just contributed to the history of flatland!

  10. makes me want to sign for another 10 years haha! obviously insanely hard but I bet the feeling is addictive…Thanks and congrats for making this dream a reality Brandon !

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