Must Watch! Jean William Prevost – Rodeo

During my trip to Barcelona I was lucky enough to go riding with Jean William Prevost, Jason Plourde and James McGraw and witness Dub hit this Rodeo that he worked on for the last three years! One of the best moments I think I’ve witnessed in a long time, just pure genuine joy!

Dub gave some insight: “Currently injured at the knee I have to put the bike aside for some time, but here is a trick I’ve been working on for the longest time. It took me three years to finally get to the other side of the bike witthout scuffing or braking , just pure pivots and turbines switch footed on the peg and on the pedal. It might look easy but the complexity of this trick is quasi unfathomable.”
Whilst I don’t normally give out the “Must Watch” tag for one trick, this fully deserves it! Get well soon Dub!

11 thoughts on “Must Watch! Jean William Prevost – Rodeo

  1. @e-ron – Thank you! I truthfully do feel that was meant to happen that day, earlier in the day we were getting lunch along the Barcelona shoreline and Dub mentioned he had been working towards something for the last few years. In between many conversations , that conversation was forgotten about bout it stuck with me. Hmm wonder what he is talking about. We rode around looking for a good spot for we came to this famous skate spot with the humps and rail at the end, Ive seen on many Flip videos (Arto Saari, Tom penny, etc). Dub starts trying the Rodeo move, and it emerges its been 3 years in the making. We discuss how he can get enough speed on the turbine rodeo to ride out, I had to go pick up my girlfriend at around 8:30 that night. Dub is trying for what seemed like an hour and half this move, and started getting close. I say my goodbyes as I go to leave I ride off, and I look back and Dub drops the move to much joy from himself, Jason, James and the people watching. It was a beautiful moment, I am sure as hell glad I looked back and shared this moment with them all! Congratulations Dub and get well soon!

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