Must Watch! John Yull – SameThingDaily3 Part

From my teenage years growing up riding for Hutch, I always looked up to fellow team mate John Yull. John would bring new tricks to every contest, whether it was a lil’ twist on a trick or something totally brand new. John always reached outside of the box, today marks a special day in John’s life. To commemorate today, John has released his SameThingDaily3 section which you should all watch and marvel at the man’s creativity and drive. From the age of 14 to 40 not a whole lot has changed, John is still one of my favourite riders. Much respect! John had these words to say:

“One year ago today I was awoken with a phone call from my mum. She had just been diagnosed with kidney cancer. It had spread to her lung and she was told it was terminal. Our family went into shock. We had no idea how long she had to live. I traveled home to England in May to give her as many hugs as she wanted. We did as many fun things as we could squeeze in. I traveled back again in October. She had just been admitted into hospice when I got there. I spent a week with her and left on a Wednesday morning. By far the most devastating thing I’ve ever done – walking away, saying goodbye, knowing I would never see her again. She passed away on that Friday. During this time I was trying to film this part for SameThingDaily3. Sometimes my heart just wasn’t really in it but I was trying to use it as a distraction. Once mum had passed I made the decision to dedicate it to her. With that decision I knew I had to make it something I, and hopefully she, would be proud of. She had seen 90% of it in October and she loved it. I pulled the last trick on 12/14/14 the day before the DVD was going to production. I had spent many hours and sessions trying it. I had pretty much given up. I went for one last session and 15 minutes in I hit it! I still have a feeling I got pushed over on that last decade. Thank you, Dane for giving me this opportunity to pay tribute to my mum. I feel it’s a good way to make something good out of a sad day.”

27 thoughts on “Must Watch! John Yull – SameThingDaily3 Part

  1. innovative is the word. I believe that when you say about a rider that no one rides like him, it says it all. And that’s what pops in my mind when watching John Yull : no one rides like him.

  2. yeah i agree! double no brake decades have been around since the late 90s. crazy that it took this long to see a triple! like a 40 year old dude no less! i hurt myself real bad on a double no brake attempt years ago, never again. this guy is crazy! awesome edit john! and great story too.

    imagine how good that triple must have felt! my god! thats what flatland is all about!

  3. @Stephan – believe it or not this was actually planned to be an interview to coincide with release of John’s amazing part. I am sure we will get round to an interview soon enough?!

  4. so much innovation with some older brake tricks reinvented into totally new brakeless moves and plenty of brand new corkers. amazing edit. glad i got it on dvd to enjoy on the big screen.

  5. Thank you so much everyone for your comments ! I have to say it wasnt easy sitting on so many new tricks for that long but the end product is so worth it. Time to start over.

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