Must Watch! Kevin Jacob – Winter is Coming

Kevin Jacob “Winter is Coming” from BMX-FORCE on Vimeo.

Two nights in a row, two must watch edits back to back! It’s that time of year where riders are out getting it done before winter sets in! Kevin Jacob kills it in this new “Winter is coming” edit! Stemlashes and xft whiplashes mid combo are no joke! Theres a whole lot of work gone into this edit! Amazing!

13 thoughts on “Must Watch! Kevin Jacob – Winter is Coming

  1. I am loving this stuff! There are several bits of originality, i would highlight the nosewheelie while standing on the toptube. Nosewheelie crankflip clockwise and counterclockwise is also crazy, as well as xfoot nosies and all kinds of jumplashes. I hope you have a spot for the winter ’cause you have to keep it up! 🙂

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