Must Watch – Rob Ridge / Still rides a Standard

Years and years of craft go into riding like Rob Ridge does, in my mind Rob continues the style of riding that made Rick Moliterno and Kurt Schmidt infamous on the BMX scene during the 90’s so it’s more than fitting that Rob rides a Standard. Besides the obviously very technical riding style Rob is blessed with, which began with years of flatland riding. What I admire the most is Rob never followed any trends at all. The man is as real as it gets, go watch this! Thank you Rob!

5 thoughts on “Must Watch – Rob Ridge / Still rides a Standard

  1. @ 2.43 MINUTES !!!! Fire pink, WITHOUT peg usage , to cowboy stall , PROPER as you can hold it…….up to Canadian nose pick , also held PROPER like ……..Ridge is and will ALWAYS be in a bmx dimension , riding wise……..of his very OWN , haha…MUST WATCH , TIMES 7…….

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