Must Watch! – Sam Foakes/July edit

Stickied – Sam Foakes July edit. Thursdays updates appear below!

Sam 2013 from chris massey on Vimeo.

This is incredible. I’m on my first watch at work, downside turbine hitch jugglers, check, steam whip to xft halfpacker, check, one to one no handed pendulum backwards halfpacker juggler, check! The momentum Sam gets from nowhere is unbelievable, next level flatland right here! This is a definite Must Watch! Back for second watch to take all this in….

34 thoughts on “Must Watch! – Sam Foakes/July edit

  1. SOOOO much incredible stuff in here, hard to pick a highlight.

    The steam step whip to x ft halfpack is super tech, but he makes it look incredibly smooth and easy!

  2. That. Was. Nuts.

    Awesome Sam, so stoked on this!!

    Loved it all, think a stand out was the pendulum backward no-handed back packer juggler thingy (gotta be an easier name??)

  3. ^Badman, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe not for the trick or combo, but the technique applied with his feet grabbing the fork. How about…

  4. those turbine stalls are cool

    like regular turbines are chirps

    and the turbine stalls are flares

    it’s almost like mystery momentum

  5. Whoops, you made that already! 😀

    Better let it sticked for a few month, so noone will miss it. 😉
    That was the best I’ve seen for ages. And thanks god, no Plastic-man in his trick-list ^^

  6. That crossfooted halfpacker where he pulls his left leg out from behind on the exit is so sick.

    The last trick “no handed backwards halfpacker rebate” should be called “Jesus Christ”, because he has his hands out like he is being crucified when he is doing it, and because everyone who sees it will be like “Jesus Christ”.

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