Must Watch! Scott Powell – Trips

Trip’s from scott powell on Vimeo.

How many could film a part dedicated to triple decade variations and in one session? There can’t be too many! Hit play and enjoy 3 minutes of crazy triple decades, the standout for me was the quad windshield wiper at 2:49! Amazing bike control!

10 thoughts on “Must Watch! Scott Powell – Trips

  1. So happy I have full brakes on right now. Scott always make it look so fun. Thanks for the motivation! (With riding and stretching!)\

  2. Awesome! You sure dont see the brake decades anymore. Ironic that this isone of the pioneer no brake footjam decade guy Well not really Its a shame there are so few left practicing the black art of brake decades Makes it unlikely well ever see quintuple. But you have to be a real sick bastard to do nothing but decade for two hours a day for years.

  3. I did a triple perverted decade….in 1993.

    Nowadays if I fire off a double, it takes all my energy and my ankles complain for the rest of the day!!!

    MUCH RESPECT if that was all one session!!!

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