Must Watch! Too Small Bikes 2014 Full Movie

TSB14 (FULL MOVIE) from Julius on Vimeo.

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So many web edits these days, the TSB crew out of Finland always go the extra mile to stand out! From Aleksi Ritsilä’s silky smooth flat/street part, through to the likes of George Manos doing his thing, Martti Kuoppa killing whiplashes, watch his last line! And of course, Erico Melo’s part, TSB2014 is pure gold! Normally I would add times and stuff of standout tricks, but you need to watch the whole movie! It’s not too often we see a full predominately based flatland movie anymore. Thank you Julius for making this amazing video for us all!

Riders in order of appearance:

Aleksi Ritsilä, Aapo Airas, Camilo Gutierrez, Alberto Moya, Dong-ho Lee, Josh Briars, Jenza Kamai, George Manos, Julius Salo, Asko Relas, Roland Chlouk, Ville Castro Huusela, Markus Manninen, Patrick Alaspää, Jorma Sonninen, Martti Kuoppa, Jussi Laukkanen, Thomas Hirsch, Varo Hernandez, Erik Laev, Bert Ribul, Érico Melo.

Directed, filmed & edited by:
Julius Salo

Sound Design by:
Tomi Hyyppä

* For all those that do not know, You can directly download this video from Vimeo now!

16 thoughts on “Must Watch! Too Small Bikes 2014 Full Movie

  1. The whole video is awesome! But I specially Érico Part! His riding is completely crazy and the filming and edition in that part is perfect!
    Thanks Julius!

  2. Érico’s part kills it, riding and production. the whole edit is just nuts. you could have made it into solo parts and uploaded it in instalments, but you dropped the hole edit in one go wow, mind blown….. thanks.

  3. Great to see such a diversity of style. Mind Blowing originality in this video. It reminds me of what drew me to this sport.I like the fact that this video captures “Freestyle BMX” the way it was intended to be: guys experimenting with trick concepts on flat, ramps, & street.

  4. Julius, You have a great talent. When I saw your part in the video I did not know that you were the director/ editor. I very much liked your intro part, there was something very playful with the way you rode your bike into the scene and out of the scene.

    That was reflected again in the brilliant audio/ visual sequence with Enrico as he rolls across the screen. Very unique with hints of film noir.

    Downloaded and now logged in my video library with the likes of Elusion.

  5. This was amazing!

    Would live to a part of something of this scale that captures the spirit of riding like this does.

    Erico’s part was ridiculous. How much he experiments is awesome. Having said that all of the parts were amazing and had original and unexpected things happening.


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