Must Watch! – Waldemar Fatkin – Razzia Part Two (55DSL)

Waldemar Fatkin RAZZIA Part TWO (55DSL) from Waldemar Fatkin on Vimeo.

Waldemar is on fire! He just dropped this banging welcome to 55 DSL and Voodoo jam hype edit! Amazing production and even better riding from this stylecat! Still taking this one in, but the xft rocket hang 5 to crackpacker at 3:08 is nuts! Stickied for the day!

18 thoughts on “Must Watch! – Waldemar Fatkin – Razzia Part Two (55DSL)

  1. I saw Matthias’ overall speed and style, Denes Katona’s whiplashes and George Manos’ creativity in this with the footjams mixed in. That was like the best parts of those three guys combined into one guy’s riding. Rad!

  2. Waldemar has the most advanced ‘rush and bomb’ style where your just hucking yourself around or with your bike in big transitions. Very fast, very powerful and ultra deadly.

    And to think he’s coming off a broken collar bone!

    I feel that waldemar is one of the top progressive riders in the world. He executes the stuff I dream of integrating into my riding. Really impressed.

  3. Great edit. It communicates the fun and excitement of riding and just makes you want to go out and try stuff.

    Another message is that if you want to ride like that, you’d better be ready to take some hits!

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