Nick Watts – Middle October 2018

Much like Navid Saleki’s riding style in the previous post, I never know what’s coming out of Nick Watts and from the opening forward rope line, this edit was full of surprises. It is a great start to our Friday posts here at Flatmattersonline HQ!

4 thoughts on “Nick Watts – Middle October 2018

  1. This guy’s riding style is a great example of how hard judging a flat comp must be. The smooth or snappy use of brakes is a technical skill unto itself. Say Nick shows up to a comp, and drops all his lines flawless. Next hypothetical guy up rides a brakeless rolling style. How do you compare the apples and oranges at that point? The art-form constant tug-o-war that is flatland always entertains me. So many styles, all uniquely difficult in their own ways. Awsome stuff. Thanks Nick and Big-E, always great to watch.

    • Good point! As someone that rides with bakes, it is awesome to see someone riding like this who is so prolific. I get ideas for days (most of which will live for me only in my imagination) and get to better understand the ways brakes can be utilized by watching folks with this kind of control, imagination and trick catalogue. It makes it harder to excuse yourself from trying things when you see how FAR it can be taken. Kudos!!!!! Keep the vids coming, please!

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