Old School Sundays with Dennis McCoy

With the news the AFA is reborn again, it’s as good excuse as I need to post some AFA footage from back in the day for this weeks OSS. If you haven’t seen this run from Dennis McCoy before at the AFA Kansas Finals 88, the music over the top kind of spoils it. I always like to get the energy from the music and crowd noise, but nevertheless the rolling over and out to macaroni at 00:35 is amazing!

2 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Dennis McCoy

  1. I call these DMC’s “poisonous frog” years! This run was unbeatable when he made it. The perfect mix of old school/new school trickery. I feel like he could’ve gone a little faster for that dump truck though!?

    PS-1. That link to rope a roni?!
    2. The Decade Of Domination was REAL!
    3. Long Live DMC!!!!!

  2. + 1 Jevin ! totally agree and man , Dennis brought attitude , style that ALWAYS flowed with his tunes while riding in his runs !!! He was always on the up and up with new tricks AND had them dialed /nailed for his runs also , to this day I still watch his runs from back then ! BIG E , youre DEAD ON too , @35 seconds ……………RIPPING and those g string whips on the TOP fold downs to elbow glide = FLAVOR on the bike !!! Dennis RULES !!

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