Prototype 2: Junglerider E- frame

The first “e-frame” prototype has held up well, just a few minor details I wanted to change, most notably the back bridge behind BB, I wanted stiffened up (see 2nd photo), change from 14mm to 10mm (I run a Nankai 10mm freecoaster), really excited to ride this, I will post some photos when it’s built up!

Material: CR-MO 4130
Heat treatment: Headtube, BB and Dropout
– TT length : 19.55″
– CS length : 12.75″
– HT angle : 74.5 degrees
– ST angle : 70 degrees
– BB Height : 11.7″
– 10mm laser cut dropouts
– Bottom bracket type: Spanish
– Integrated headset
– Integrated chain tensioner
– Removable gyro tab, cable guide, brake mount.

Weight: 4.1 lbs.

Frame Colours: Blue and Black.

31 thoughts on “Prototype 2: Junglerider E- frame

  1. Wait, you have a frame over 19″, adjustability in the dropout slot, the magic 70 degree seat tube and 74.5 head tube? Damn, it’s like you know what you are doing! Very good design. Will work well for all types of riding. Cheers!

    • Thanks Brian, Brett, Navid, Lisias for posting! I’ll try and answer all points.

      The TT size is the same as the first prototype, the main things to change really were the dropout size from 14mm to 10mm, that was just a sample mistake on the first frame, and not actually what I wanted.
      I tested the first frame for a few months, as you will have seen on the “3 years of flatmatters edit”, I looked at potential weak areas and improved those areas, hence the back bridge change, stiffens up the back end a lot!

      Lisias commented it’s like a Suelo, the gusset is totally different, and all the lengths on the frame are totally different. So in my eyes it’s not at all the same. I don’t see the point to create an ugly frame just to create something new. I saw a gap in the market, for what people were looking for, and that happened to be what I was looking for, really psyched how this turned out!

  2. I can’t finish my comment…
    how can you Effraim write something long, the wordpress system kick me out everytime… I don’t know why..

  3. Likin it a whole stinkin lot. Really hoping you can do a shorter 18.5-18.7″ TT version as well. Also wondering if you changed to a bridge on the CS, why not also on the SS? I dig the ‘E’, but always assumed a bridge was better than a plate. Jus wonderin.

  4. well crap i probably shouldn’t have slagged it/them like that. It just doesn’t seem good for me is all. 74.5ish is all good in my book.

    • Thanks again for all responses, @heu I will send you a few pics when I have a spare moment… For the moment the “E” will definitely be staying, Anthony asked when its available, I will test this version for a few months, then it will go into production, I will let everyone know, exact dates and stuff like that when we get past the testing stage.

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