3 thoughts on “Rémy Dunoyer’s full 2nd run at IGI DOJO JAM 1: Montréal, QC

  1. SLLLLLAMMMMMED run by this cat ! I love when a rider really hones in on what tricks , techniques that they’re into and just pushes them to their limit. All of his switch pedal five , fire haul / whiplash and pedal five- kick turbine filled links are rad . You can really tell that’s his jam and sessions these type links every day. Totally his specialty and again ……DAMN does he makes these links look so , so good . The no handed pedal shingle shuffle stall was pure raditude and HEAVY with style . I still stoked on this run of Remy’s . One of THE contest runs for 2022 so far . What a freaking ripper , this guy….ripped that dojo a new one with some HAMMER links .

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