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Review: Effraim.

Like you reading this review, I was curious about the Moto Bicycles pedal. Made out of wood? Totally flat? Grip tape, would the wood last? What would a totally flat pedal feel like? Up until now, interms of a flatland pedal, I don’t think a great deal of thought has been put into the design, certainly in terms of thinking outside the box.

Ali B over at Moto Bicycles asked me if I would like to review the pedal, of course due to my curiosity I was down to test the pedal. Like everything I test, I wanted to give it a few months so I could write as accurate review as possible for you the rider reading Flatmatters.

So I am the first to admit I was sceptical over the design, my first impressions were good when the pedals arrived, the packaging and attention to detail to begin with were way and beyond what I have seen from a pedal before, even down to small details like having the allen key with the pedal + spare grip tape. Sometimes the little things make such a big difference. Not to mention the weight of the pedal, 150g for a pair.

I used an Odyssey pedal before using the Moto pedal, right away the feeling on the pedals was like being on a skateboard but on your bike obviously. Due to the grip tape, moving around and adjusting your foot on pedal was easier and what I didn’t consider at all, was safety and trick options opening up. The pedal is the flattest pedal on the market, at a total profile of 15mm. You can lean on the pedal and not cut your leg open, plus it opened up moves I haven’t done for years as well. (two footed dump truck ala Pete Brandt springs to mind immediately) as well as thinking of new ideas that I could do using the leaning on pedal/shin trick concept.

I am three months into testing the pedal, and so far the wood has held up perfectly (see photos above). I am still on my first sheet of grip tape, honestly right now couldn’t be more happier with the performance of the pedal. The design of the pedal like everything designed and made in Germany is genius and so stylish and even more so now they are available in colours as well, and like all things simple it makes me wonder how has this not been done before. I guess from a consumer standout it’s only negative is the price, if Ali and Moto Bicycles can find a way to cut the price down (maybe a plastic pedal?) this will be universally on every riders flatland bikes.


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  1. what a beautiful bike part ( more like a piece of art). wish they had a version made of the same stuff that khe stimulators are made from then id be all over these. it’s not really the price that puts me off ,its that my riding is so sketchy that i’m sure the wood edge would not last with hitting the ground all the time under my lack of skills. still they do look so nice in wood

  2. Hey E I’m 200lbs I was curious myself if they would hold up to the bigger riders so I’ve been testing a pair for over a year now! The only thing is they will loosen up a bit over time, simply pull off grip tape, tighten them up replace tape and good to go! I’m sold on this product and told everyone if I could I’d buy every true flatlander a pair! Get the graphite/plastic version and its over!

  3. How do you think this pedal would hold up for the average park rider? Or a rider thats quite fond of grinds?

  4. oh yes, this pedal is just brilliant! I was not into buying at first, because of the price, but the colored version already came a bit cheaper. owned.
    I´ve had Ali from MOTO on the phone quite some time recently because one of my pedals had some issues with the paint. He was so pollite and came up with a convincing solution in no time… We was also talking about opportunities for cutting the price (all parts are designed, manufactured and assembled in germany) – and the guys at MOTO are really thinking about doing a plastic version, but did also mention a brand new concept they are working on… so now I´m very curious (again).
    I couldn´t run al long time test so far, but I already love the feel, the comfort and freedom the pedal gives you! Griptape on a real flat pedal is the way to go -ehm – ride… 😉

    @chris & r: As long as your not grinding on you pedal or hitting stuff all the time, I guess it might last as long as a skateboard does. But if you managed to ruin the wooden frame, you can easily open up the pedal and exchange it…

  5. When you take apart pedal, and put the 2 pieces back together without the wood frame the pedal looks really interesting like you could concept off of that idea I know Ali knows what I’m talking about! I had mine apart and coat the wood frame with a clear coat urethane spray for more protection and saw that the pedal has mad opportunity to be smaller as well , best thing to happen in a long time actual product thats really cool and genius!! The colored pairs are very nice too!

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