SameThingDaily2 – Chad Johnston & Brian Tunney

SameThingDaily2 – Chad Johnston from Sebastian Grubinger on Vimeo.

SameThingDaily2 – Brian Tunney from Sebastian Grubinger on Vimeo.

Two amazing sections from STD2 – these are well a rewatching even if you own the DVD! Chad Johnston and Brian Tunney, two differing styles but equally bringing something great and fresh to flatland! Loved watching these again, you might too!

7 thoughts on “SameThingDaily2 – Chad Johnston & Brian Tunney

  1. Chad is a power machine, who took the most risk by riding without pegs and this venture turned out beautifully. Brian is definitely one of my fav’s with an unbeliavable amount of skill and tricks, which are much more difficult than they might look. That slow-burning style always gets me. Can’t wait for STD3.

  2. AWSOME to see. Chad’s on his own trip, so good to see an original. And what can I say about Tunney… I wonder if he listens to Morrissey? Slow-burner indeed!

  3. best pegless rider on the planet. I don’t think any of the pegless riders even come a HAIR CLOSE. sorry to the new school pegless riders 😉 chad is on another world not level.

  4. What chad does takes so much strength.totally different rythm and stamina than most flatlanders are used to.i can feel he can barely breath at some positions which are so hard to balance. Brian is so smooth that makes it look effortless and simple although itvos int and thats a rare ability!

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