Must Watch! Sean Fontenot – 2013 Flat Street BMX

Lot to take in, in this new 2013 Flat Street BMX from Sean Fontenot. So many crazy lines both on flat and street! The jump to xft nose manual i’ve never seen before, but I feel like I’m undermining the rest of the edit highlighting just that trick. Great to see Sean carve his own path, towards the end of the edit I get a sense of where he’s going next. Theres a lot of doors he’s opened for sure. Definitely don’t miss this one!

36 thoughts on “Must Watch! Sean Fontenot – 2013 Flat Street BMX

  1. I know that the criteria are subjective, but, in my book, a definite MUST watch. What a great contribution! Loved every second of it. Reminded me of brakeless Chris Day in his prime. I wonder how many slams to the face or broken noses happened in connection with this?

  2. Where did all those original tricks come from?! That was totally awesome Sean!! Speechless…. To see this many new switches in 1 video is rare these days. Props!

    • @E-ron – I don’t disagree with you. I only had the luxury of watching it once before posted. And I was in two minds, should I shouldnt I? Now i’ve watched it again, there are amazing moments that I have rewinded to watch again. That makes a Must watch for me.

  3. Looks dangerous. If Chris Day had his heyday now, I am sure that this is what his style would have looked like. Good riding!

  4. Is there another link to this clip? GEMA blocked this one in germany…. -_-

    And @ Blindingsun: When I hear “thats done before” another time, I’ll punch you in the face….over the internet! That’s just bullshit, even if I havent seen this video.
    But, and thats a big BUT, almost EVERYTHING is done before! Mindblowing right!?

    Someone done a trick before? Who cares, if you have fun doing it too. That’s just my two cents to it……….and I bet you copied tricks too.

  5. So dope! Cross Foot full cabs?! Death! loven the backwards manual and feeble grinds thrown in there! Id love to know what free coaster your running! Must Watch for sure!

  6. First, let me say that im very thankful for everyones positivity and comparison’s to Paul Osicka (my biggest influence and probably the reason I ride flatland today) mean’s a very very special thing to me. I’ve not met paul (but we’ve spoken quite abit on facebook), but I have met Chris (he’s local) and im very heartened to have been compared to such iconic legends.

    For those German’s who cannot watch it, I apologize. As German’s, you know exactly how much youtube hates the copyright laws within your country. I had decided on this song over a month ago and there’s no way for me to enable the music on youtube for you.

    However there is a resolution:, just paste the URL of the video and hit the ‘off’ button (and sometimes you need to click the ‘I want video’ button after the first step), and it will download the video onto its server, and give you a link to click to download the video directly to your computer. With the proper codecs installed you can watch in WMP or if not, use VLC to watch, it works much better than built in windows media player. This option can be used on all future video’s that are blocked due to music copyright issues within the Germany/youtube fiasco 🙂

    Im extremely thankful for being a ‘must watch’ on Effraim’s list, the respect means tenfold to my life. Life has changed a lot in the past few years for me personally, and I’ve seen the negative lifestyle I used to live. Im happy to let go of all those things and instead focus on the positive side of life and riding: Things that make me happy.

    With that said, please just ignore BlindingSun. He’s just what we call a ‘troll’ who is trying to say sensational things to get a reaction out of me/others. Its immature, negative and selfish at the very least of it, and does not deserve any such attention. I agree with most of his statement that *most* of my tricks have been done before. While a lot of them I have not personally seen done, I have spoken to well vetted members of the community to confirm that *some* of these new switches have been preformed by others, unbeknownst to me. Either way, done or not done before, these are thing’s of the Ego. I prefer to not embellish the ego as this only leads to insecure, selfish and negative behavior. I am not better than anyone, I only wish to attain peace and happiness in my life, and riding my bike is one beautiful way to achieve it.

    Mannie: I ride a KHE freecoaster with a solid 14mm axle. They have withstood enormous amounts of abuse from me 🙂 Considering I tend to break flatland frames every 2-3 months(I ride street frames now!), this says much for the design and its strength and stability.

    Thank you all for your kindness. There is much more to come, hopefully I will have a nice edit end of 2013 with new progress. We will see how these injuries treat me 🙂

  7. Thanks Sean! I do tons of backwards manuals and my freecoaster wont last to much more! I will deffinetly look into it!!

  8. I’m out riding at the moment. Just had another watch. So stoked on that pop up jump over to switch inside pedal 5. That’s fucking hard. So hard to keep the bike stable for that kind of trick. It’s a hard enough switch to the peg. Props!

  9. Sean- I have found that people who make purely negative and none constructive comments like the ones in question are best left to themselves. Best strategy with them is to selectively ignore them.Your edit is excellent and not only made you happy, which is reason enough to make it, but excited the hell out of the overwhelming majority of its audience. If we stopped watching stuff because someone else did it first, we would miss out on all of the interpretations.

    Effraim- I meant absolutely no disrespect and wasn’t suggesting you made a mistake by not categorizing this edit immediately as a must watch. I was merely stating that from my much less expert opinion and position, it was an edit that really blew me away. The amount of footage you must see on a daily basis is staggering, I am sure, and must influence your perspective greatly. And as the engine that makes this site go, you don’t need me to tell you that you are more then entitled to your own opinion.

    Great stuff all around!

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