Shinichi Kiba Landscapes 2!

Today we have a nice exclusive thanks to Stewart Munro! If you haven’t seen Landscapes 2, your in for a treat today! You can now watch Shinichi Kiba’s amazing part right here. From the opening backwards facing whiplashes to fork wheelie around the worlds to backwards crack backwards facing whiplash you know this is going to be serious stuff. Also wherever he and Hidenori filmed, wow that spot just looks so good and my favourite clip is Russia walking around the world fork wheelies effortlessly across this gorgeous marble spot.
If you wish to buy the video or read my review, hit the link below:

Link to buy Landscapes 2 –

Link to buy Landscapes 1 –

Link to Flatmattersonline’s Landscapes 2 review –

Featuring Hidenori Ishizaki , Chad DeGroot, Bert Ribul, Paul Chamberlain, Raphael Chiquet, Shinichi Kiba, Koichi Forkone Higo, Brandon Fenton and Takuzi Izumi.

15 thoughts on “Shinichi Kiba Landscapes 2!

  1. I just bought Land escapes 2 – what a treat!!
    This is a fantastic video I suggest any hardcore flatlander buy… give a lil back to the community and see some pros shred on their home turf!

      • Just finished watching right through. Wow stellar video.
        My personal favorite part was Wolfgang’s part. Ralph’s part really blew me away too. I’m a bit more in favor of the backwheel flow, but the two of them really really stepped up their game (as did all others… Berts started section was epic) Brandon Fentons part stood out – Really great progression there dude!

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