Ten years of KOG:Ucchie takes his first big win!

Great stuff in this edit from psycho Bmx, video edits such as these helped the popularity of the KOGs outside of japan, everyone wants to visit and experience the scene. In this 2005 edit from Kobe, Ucchie (featured at the end of this edit), destroyed the front wheel with mad style and took his first big contest win!

5 thoughts on “Ten years of KOG:Ucchie takes his first big win!

  1. Crazy looking back and seeing how these riders have developed their riding styles. Check out Miuras opening back wheel combo for example. Ucchie's complete overhawl of front to back wheel.

  2. ah man so much madness! so much flow! Some really diverse and creative riding. Huge stuff!

    "overhawl" LOL. Have you been hangin in the South US lately? Git 'er done!

  3. I actually use that word quite a lot haha, never heard anyone say that in the states, the riding is awesome for sure, as I said it's interesting to see how these riders have developed and refined their riding. Check out diversions kog coverage if you haven't already.

  4. I can't understand why Ucchie doesn't ride both front and back wheel in comps. He absolutely kills both and could easily be on Matthias' level if he mixed it up more… what's the thought process behind concentrating only on one wheel for so many guys these days?

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