The Flatmatters Online Awards 2013

Design: Johann Chan.

So far a fantastic response to the Flatmatters Online Awards 2013! With close to 140 votes already in! 20 days left to think about your votes and get them in – Deadline is Monday 30th December at 3pm GMT!

Trek back more easily through some of the best edits here:

A couple of FAQ’s I should clear up:

What is innovation of the year? – This award could be a for bike part design, a trick invented, a new style, anything like that!

What does Breakthrough rider of the year mean? – A rider thats pushed himself from the norm, to being a recognised top professional, this could be via contest or via video. Essentially breaking through the ranks, perhaps from 20th at contest to top 5.

Drop me a message if you need anything else explaining. Good luck to everyone! Get voting!

Effraim/Flatmatters Online

Flatmatters Editorial awards

* Rider of the year

* Edit of the year

Heres your list:

Reader votes (thats you!) – seven categories for you to vote!

1-Rider of the year:

2-Edit of the year:

3-Brand of the year:

4-Innovation of the year:

5-Contest Run of the year:

6-Most Progressive rider:

7-Breakthrough rider of the year:

*Only one vote per person per category.

Deadline: Monday 30th December 3pm GMT

Nominees announced: Monday 30th December 7pm GMT

Entries by email only:

4 thoughts on “The Flatmatters Online Awards 2013

  1. One question that pops into my mind is this: why is there a reader “poll” award section AND an editorial award? Do you not trust your readers votes and opinions? Or is your opinion more valid? Or valid in a Different way?

    • Good question(s) Michael! 🙂

      Originally when I thought about the idea of holding awards, it was an editorial award idea only! Open much gnashing of teeth and feedback from various people, the idea to involve the readers of flatmatters seemed a logical idea. This has been two years in the making to finally get this happening. I felt it would be good to have separate awards as from feedback/general chitchat with riders globally, people come to flatmatters to see my opinion on things via my experience within flatland (as rider, judge, website, contest organiser- I come at it with experience from most angles). Theres also the flatwebtv pick of the month that kind of got me thinking this could work. I’m regularly emailed (less than asked in public for sure) for my opinion on tricks, has it been done before,etc etc) so it seemed like like hey lets have some editorial awards, but lets make the majority of awards about the readers more. The readers votes and opinions do matter, hence the 7 categories to Readers, 2 to Editorial.
      The idea is to engage the riders and to have them spend time evaluating all these riders, to have them experience just how involved it is to say one is better than another… And also for the riders to hear what the community thinks.

  2. E!
    I think it’s awesome you’re doing these awards. I personally think there are too many categories. But that doesn’t really matter, that’s up to you.
    Thanks for the explanation regarding my question. I actually feel quite strongly about that subject and I’m still undecided what to make of it. But you gave a good explanation and that helps.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Awesome Idea. It is a lot of awards though.
    I could do without quite a few of them. I don’t think the average rider looks into flatland as deep as you do. Im a ” less is more kinda guy”
    HAHAHA ..
    Anyway , good luck with it all and thanks for all that you do.

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