The Friday Interview: Bizhouse’s Shawn White discusses the Rachet Sprocket!

Intro: Effraim
Interview: Effraim
Photos: Provided by Shawn.

Shawn White has been on the scene for as long as I can remember. Remember the Phil Dolan Bars?… designed by Shawn. He founded Bizhouse was founded in 2001. The Dialyzer Clamp Stem, turned many a head, only four stem bolts and super light. I rode mine for ten years, this stuff lasts! I was amazed! Since then Shawn has kept that independent underground feel to his brand, sporadically dropping a product on the flatland market as if to say I’m still here. Remember the pegs? Moto Sasaki still uses them! The grips that used the same rubber gym rings concept as the pegs, genius! The list goes on, bearingless euro bbs, plastic pegs, the aerospace forks that Chad J was using for years, the dialyser handlebar, Shawn White is a design genius. Flatland and BMX in general needs more creative thinkers “that ride” like him.
More recently, Shawn made the whole BMX World stop and a look at his Rachet Sprocket and go “WTF”, I got hold of Shawn, we fired this interview out over facebook. It might not be what you are expecting, you maybe confused, be warned.

How you doing Shawn? It’s been a while, the sneak peak at your Bizhouse Rachet prototype just dropped? Tell me about it?
Hey E, I just dropped the Dialyser Bar earlier this year! Lol Or was that 2011?

Just making conversation
PD:come now mate you don’t know when it dropped? Bollocks and Cod!
I’m never offended I sleep under a piano in Koln for the worlds!
PD is Phil Dolan.

Yeah i guessed, why you talking as if you were Phil? Let’s get back to your design shawn
Cause he is my mate, and I can rib him, he loves to hear his name! Mate!
PD: Oi Oi White, that’s a bag of rubber bullocks!

You mean bollocks?
Yes Bollocks! Thank you.

Hahah alright Shawn lets crack on…I’m curious about your design, tell me about it..
Ok, it’s the “Ratchet”..

What are you selling here? a chainring and bb as one unit?
Double meaning always.Keep em’ guessing. No, it’s a sprocket,but it’s the “Ratchet”. Helps set the pedals!

An image that fits this interview. The Rachet? Can you make it out?

So I guess the obvious question is, what is the function and purpose of the Rachet?
The “Ratchet” is a solution to a problem I have heard for 2 decades now,,, my pedals move, mine do too! So I made A BB to solve the problem, now here comes the “Ratchet”. A true pedal setter! Just like you know wear your VANS Shoes are, now you know wear your pedals are every time!

Ok. So the video doesnt show the pedals engaged, so it’s kind of hard to see it work in its full capacity.
I know…

This concept obviously is marketed at “BMX” and not flatland as you normally do. Could you see this catching on in flatland too?
I can’t show it all!

You have this patented right?
That was a taste, so you can see what’s coming! It’s Pending…

When can we expect to the rachet in full operation?
I have to wait the year to file the rest of the “Patent” !

Wow ok so theres a risk someone could jump on your design here, with you publishing the video on youtube.
Well I may not sell it, I may show everyone how to make it!

I see. How long have you been testing the rachet sprocket for?
I figure, everyone copies my products, so if I give it out for free, how could you make money off my designs?
PD: Oi Bloke, that sounds Capital punishment
Yes Dolan that’s what it is!

I hear you Shawn, you have had some ground breaking products. I had one of your stems for ten years! Pretty amazing in the modern day! Whats the weight on the Rachet sprocket on this compared to a typical freecoaster?
Thank You E! I saw you win the Worlds Bloke, you beat Dolan, and steingrabber, Jesse, Day, Osicka, Mckinney, Albert. Everyone on KHE! Thomas!

Thank you Shawn! That was a great day for me for sure! This ain’t about me though…
Glad you ask! The weight, Well, front wheel tricks are heavy, and back wheel tricks are light, I wanted to transfer the weight! Put it in the middle, split the weight load!

So you dont have an actual weight?
So my Fork spins are the same as my Megas’! Right now it’s as light as air Hockey!

So I guess what I’m saying, is this is lighter than a freecoaster?
There is more to it, you just can’t see it yet! Yes, you can use a F/C or Cassette hub, not the Pub Dolan.

Hahha if only Phil was here now Shawn
PD: who said Pub? James White, no his a Mounty Mate,He is!

So any date on the final production?
I was shooting for Christmas! But I may not sell it, everyone has it already!

Your not giving much away Shawn!
I may give the advice only, Not yet!

But it seems like such a clever idea, and the best ideas are always simple. Do you see this replacing the freecoaster?
Ya know E, the US press will never, even if I paid Cash give me the credit I deserve! I’m always ok with that! One they know already, two the Internet is faster then a printing press anyday!
My only question is why would anyone buy a magazine over the Web?
I was told well ” we put original content in the mag you can’t see on the web”, well this is the second original Design in Two years,,, and only after I released it, I hear from them! lol. It makes me laugh!
FlatMatters and Cream/A.R.T. My overseas Family always show the Love! Thank You!
I don’t think it will replace the freecoaster! But this one may be free! Haha.
PD: Bloody Gates of Stone Hedge and the Avery Circle, do you want the Lords of London to be at Tea Mate?

So as a flatlander, let me ask you
Yes Phil I Do! With Emer Shorts on! Ask!

The freecoaster is the holy grail design wise and it hasn’t been fully solved yet?
I use the K.I.S.S. Theory, Keep it simple stupid!

Well exactly. There must be a simple solution to the freecoaster. Doesn’t it bug you as a flatlander? It’s never really been totally solved. I know it bugs me hahaha
E, did you know I invented the first sealed bearing free coaster for Primo “the Bomb”. I traded that design/ invention for them to pay off my students Loan!

Of course I remember the Bomb Shawn
They gave Fano a pay cut to pay my Loans FANOOOooo..

But I still think the freecoaster hasn’t been solved. It strikes me, that as a flatlander and designer your going round the bike you have forks, bars, stem, grips….
So this is in my alley E!
I did not know if you knew that,,, that is a reference to the Limey US media again!

Flat needs a good seat, & a freecoaster. What’s up with bizhouse, is it full time job?
I’m here to save us all! I love every BMXer! I believe in everyone!

Tell me about your testing process, how long did you test your stem before it dropped?
If ya want to believe in me for you! Follow me on Twitter! @Shawnwhitebmx

haha nice plug
I just made the stem, everyone tested it! Whew!

Wow!, real belief it worked then!which it did
Yep, real talk here E, careful what ya ask!

Let’s get into it!! This is flatmatters, the world wants to know..
Yep, most copied stem yet!

That’s what happens when your a leader, I guess..
I’d love to see a BMXer make a time line of all the copies, regarding BIZHOUSE!

So what you are just giving this rachet idea away?
Ya know like a crazy web chart!
First person to do that gets a “Rachet” or stem or whatever!,Right Dolan?
PD: take him to Bristol for the rusted Pistol,Hey Dolan Kids read this Bloke.
PD, O, Pi Pi Cheery O, Bloke, on the Tele!

You’ve lost me Shawn! Wha’ts next for Bizhouse? You working on any flat stuff?
Well if I give the Rachet away, how could other companies make money from it?

That’s a good way of looking at it
Do you do any work for other bike companies?

New Forks, Street Stem. And one more thing. I do work for every bike Co. It’s just been a secret.

I never know if you are joking or not?!
Like I said, why would I ask for credit when I get no Love anyway.

That’s true. Let’s start wrapping this up…
Where can people get Bizhouse product from? What’s your website?

We all know that the bigger fish in the pond with the most money says, Don’t give Shawn White coverage Wa Boo Hoo, and they have to listen, it always works that way! But they can’t stop the Internet! Hahaha….
Thanks Bill Gates!
Fight the system! We can Win!

Photo Credit: 23

To date, what design are you most happy with?
My Vision with the “Ratchet” is for every bike to not back pedal for Street/Flat/Park/Mega/Vert to advance.
Design wise, the Dialyser Stem! It was a vision from a Toy, and Ed talking.

Yes that was and is a great piece of design!
I care fully for BMX, I want to see it grow!

Much respect Shawn, thanks for your time!
Let’s get rid of Cars so we can RIDE! Thank You Effraim! For all you Do at Flatmatters! Your a Great Bloke, keep Shredding them E!

Thank you Shawn that means a lot!
If you read this interview and you get one thing from it. I’d like that to be progress so we can all move Forward! Standing still leaves you alone! RIDE till you DIE!

Any Last words Phil?
PD:Yes, did you know I can pedal in a nose wheelie?
Yes I did Phil..

PD: ok that was it Cheers Mate, wear Emer!

Let’s finish this, whats your email for anyone wishing to get in contact about the Rachet, or any other Bizhouse designs?
If anyone would like to pre order. Email me at available now.

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