The winner of the Backyard DVD Boxset is………………

Stuart Dawkins @ Seventies has kindly sent flatmatters “the ten years of backyard boxset”, 6 dvds, featuring Backyard 1992, KOC 1992, Behold the wonders that never cease, Angus, Unlock your bmx, Location, Last Resort, Word, Livid, Less is more, From Love to hate and back again, number 10, and the Anthology break down of the ten years. Plenty of flatland contained within this gem! Audio commentaries also as bonus, flatland wise from likes of myself, Amos Burke, and Dave Beveridge.

One of highlights is Dylan Worsley’s section on Angus (1993), what I want to know to win the Backyard boxset is:

Where did Dylan Worsley reside in the UK? Was it?

1) Weymouth
2) Southsea
3) Worthing

The answer was Worthing…

A lot of entries thought it was Southsea.

The winner out of the hat, was……………Chris Taylor from Manchester…………. Congrats!!!!! Awaiting your address Chris, so check your email! 🙂 Fantastic prize!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered, good bit of fun.

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