Throwback Thursdays – Red Bull Circle of Balance 2012

It’s hard to believe the Red BUll Circle of Balance was two years ago already. I was invited to host the live feed show in Kyoto, Japan and it was truly one of the best experiences of my life, sat in the bleachers with the likes of Andy Zeiss, Terry Adams, Dennis McCoy and Ryan Nyquist, talking flatland for two hours. At first I thought two hours is a long time, but I have to say the time passed like it was 30 minutes! Watching back some of the battles, brings back all the goose bumps. Lets hope there is another Circle of Balance, these events are without a doubt the best events ever done in the history of flatland!

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Red Bull Circle of Balance 2012

  1. You should be flown around to every contest to be a shoutcaster. You also need to just pull in random riders and have them co-cast with you. I just watched all this again last night and having Nyquist on there was so awesome.

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