Throwback Thursdays with Effraim Catlow

I don’t really feature myself on the site very often, something to me that feels rather odd to do. Today I have a Flatland Immersion Podcast dropping, so why not feature myself for a change. We go back to 2014, and edit I worked with my friend Ollie Denny who is an amazing videographer.

“I wanted to document my riding as this point in time, to remember the spot and also help push my personal progression. I was inspired by a podcast that asked a question, “How do you know when a music track is finished?” I immediately started thinking about flatland, and your combos. When are they over? Is there a right time to pull out? After much gnashing of teeth, and riding time in between injuries, I’ve come full circle from doing long combos in the contests to short combos outside of the contest environment.”

13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Effraim Catlow

  1. Please post more of your stuff on Flatmatters. It is YOUR website after all 🙂 This is a great edit. I also love the combination of the music and the sunlight coming through the windows. Just a great vibe and awesome riding.

    I think you are on to something with shorter combos. Just make your point with the trick and be done with it, instead of pumping a basic trick for 15 seconds to set up for the next switch 🙂 Kind of like playing a solo in music. There is nothing worse than someone droning on and on.

    • Thank you Matt!

      I have a new edit in the works, as discussed in the podcast with Dusty. This was a great project to get the creative buds flowing with Ollie.

      Im still obsessed with this concept of riding, with a few additional ideas that you will hopefully see by the end of the year.

  2. I like this edit Even if iam not long into flatland i had my own thought about the length of combos. I think every trick is so hard to learn and a class of its own that to heavy linking takes a lot of the magic out of it. I prefer an individual ride in, than the trick followed by a signature ride out over any wild combo…
    But thats just the opinion of a newbie

  3. Damn , one of my favorites from ya Big- E ! @ 1.35 minutes …….lashing into a steam while pivoting / bar flipping , at the SAME time to a cobain roll …..theeeeeen effortlessly nailing another one of your signature switches , created in early 2004 ? The sling shot roll / whip to bar small crack packer , SLAAAAAAMMMED , indeed mate . Also your tea kettle bike switch / pivot to spinning / pumping half hiker , hell the whole edit rules , hahaha . Stoked you posted again for T.T. , hmmmmmmm………I agree with Wilhelm ! More stuff of YOUR riding ! Im even gonna say………how bout …..EFFRAIM -THURSDAY , every week from here on out , campeon ??! Theres LOADS of edits , comp runs , etc ,etc of you floating out there on the web ……… me , cause I always search , find , watch a lot of it , hahahaha. Cheers , E !!!

    • Hahaha you are way to kind Rodney. New edit in the works but in no rush. This edit I recall was filmed over 3-4 sessions I’m working on self filmed edit at own pace. It honestly does feel weird for me to post about myself, but I appreciate the comments of support. I have some how tos coming next.

  4. I don’t see anything wrong with this Effraim and besides, you’re a great rider, I’d like to to see more of your riding ;& if you’ve still got that indoor place, you’re very lucky.

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