Throwback Thursdays with Props Groundwork

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So much that still amazes me about this amazing video from 2000 put together by the Props crew. Ground breaking video for sure, it’s difficult to pick the standouts without seeming to forget someone. But the Dan Rigby section has me hitting the rewind every time I watch it!

10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Props Groundwork

  1. Heck yeah! Rigby could drop a deathtruck into any combo, anytime he wanted to!!!!

    And Tunney’s slow, deliberate style is an all-time fave.

  2. This was just as Dan was starting to chill out on the scuffing and getting into just using momentum more.. such a good part. 12 years later and I haven’t seen anyone do better deathtruck combos than what he came up with.

  3. Milestone video, so proud to be part of it!
    Dans part blew me away and still does to this day. Looks like he’s just playing with his bike. I wish I could play like that!

  4. Mike, you do a pretty damn good job of playing that bike yourself! Just watched it again twice while riding a road bike on the trainer cause I’m stuck inside. I come to appreciate ALL the parts more and more everytime I watch it. Maybe I’m just old and feeling nostalgic?

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