Top 5’s with Trevor Meyer!

Intro: Effraim
Photo credit:Billy Gawrych.

Many good memories riding and competing against contest machine Trevor Meyer back in the X Trials/X Games era, and of course TM is still out there killing it at the age of 41! One of the biggest bag of tricks I have ever seen to this day, the man is highly skilled and of course very talented. Trevor is on a busy schedule out in Portland doing flatland shows right now, so kept this short and sweet!

Riders of all time: Everyone has something to contribute to flatland.

Riders to ride with:Tom Haugen, Billy Gawrych, John Parker, Robert Castillo, Dale Kirvelay, Will Wolffe.

Spots to ride: My culdasac and whatever city I’m in.

Contest runs you’ve had: 7x continues years in the Hoffman Bicycle stunt series.

Web edits: Trevor Meyer or You tube.

Places to visit:?


Contests:no longer compete, demos only. Proud of 3x X-Game golds.

Websites/blogs: Trevor Meyer Facebook.

Inspirations right now: New trick combos.

Reasons to leave your town/city: No riders.

Playlist: Changes daily!

Albums: None.

Tricks to do daily: variety of front and back wheel combos.

Tricks you cant do, but wish you could (ideal wishlist): cross footed nose wheelie and many more.

Magazines:Bmx Plus!

Movies: none.

Bike Brands: Odyssey, Tree, Orbea, Sickchild, All city Star.

Non bike brands: iD clothing.

Things that piss you off: Don’t ask I’m trying to stay positive!

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3 thoughts on “Top 5’s with Trevor Meyer!

  1. That was “very interesting”…. I think all that “alone in the lot” time has made Trevor a rather dull guy. LMBAO!

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