Viki Gomez Moto Bicycles Pedal Out Now!

Ali over at Moto Bicycles just dropped in some news that the Viki Gomez pedal is now available to buy online, if you use the promotion code “Viki” in the Moto shop they will get a 20% discount. Hit the link and check Viki’s dope “Moto pivot” combo

8 thoughts on “Viki Gomez Moto Bicycles Pedal Out Now!

  1. Would very much so like to get ahold of you Ali for replacement bodies mine have a nice chip in the right pedal! They were a gift and I love them! Best pedals ever!

  2. Good things in life have a price! Moto pedals goes beyond of what a Bmx pedal is! Moto pedals are all about style, fashionable accesory for an urban city bike and functional for next level tricks. Besides that it protects you from bad hits.I will be honest with you, I couldnt ride any other pedals! I feel pretty happy to ride for Moto Bicycles!

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