Voodoo jam live!!

I’m watching the live broadcast of the voodoo jam with no volume at sam Foakes apartment with James white, top four battles going on right now, Terry just beat Viki Gomez for the third spot.. Close on the battles with Hiro and Terry, the final is just about to happen, Ucchie vs Matthias, this will be interesting. Looks like ucchie got a puncture can’t tell with the live feed with no volume…
Final is going down right now.

The live feed has just gone off right before pro results, but from what we saw Ucchie looked to have done enough to win, Waiting for results, just heard Matthias just won, ucchie second. Ucchie busted out!

2 thoughts on “Voodoo jam live!!

  1. What happened first runs? Did ucchie get puncture during the run? The live feed conked out a fair few times… Fun night watching voodoo with sam and whitey….

  2. Yohei "Ucchie" Uchino and Yoshiki "hotoke" Uchino are they related thought they were brothers ? wow never realised Sam had an appartment over there.

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