World BMX Battle in Leceister UK

Keelan emailed details of contest hes putting on, more information, such as rider invites etc coming next week…

hi guys, just letting you know about a comp myself and lee musselwhite are holding on 25th and 26th july, its called ‘world bmx battle’ its gonna be huge!, the most important thing about this contest is that it is put on by the government (council)- no companies or sponsors invloved, so this is a massive step forward for flatland, the government are fully supporting a flatland event which shows they are now taking flatland as seriously as other sports and paving the way for more flatland,
it is going to be bang in the middle of the busy city center of my hometown ‘leicester’, free for the public to watch, and held on a weekend where it is very busy in the city, gonna be a stage with big tv screens/music e.t.c so its gonna be a huge contest with a huge audience and it will be 1 on 1 battles! there will even be a noise-meter so show how loud the crowd get for each rider!

One thought on “World BMX Battle in Leceister UK

  1. Much respect to you keelan and Lee. You made my day! Effraim things are rocking out there. I have to visit.. I have to visit…

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