Year End FlatWebTV Awards Show

Year End FlatWebTV-H.264 for Video Podcasting from Everyday Paradise on Vimeo.

In this final episode of 2012, FlatWebTV shows some love in the 2nd Annual FWTV Awards Show. Five different categories are awarded and each winner has a chance to say thanks. We also giveaway some Freegun gear and go behind the scenes of Fat Tony’s flatland calendar. Thanks very much for watching.

*Thank you to Justin Hoey and Anthony Buglio for the lifetime achievement award! Very psyched! About to check out the show and see who else won awards this year!

24 thoughts on “Year End FlatWebTV Awards Show

  1. The thumbnail image of the video looks like I am in the middle of serenading Justin! Congrats to all the winners. There were so many great edits and riders this year, so congrats to everyone as well who put the time in this year to create a video or enter a contest or do a little something to bring energy to flatland.

    • Great show guys!
      Congrats to all the winners! Pete Olsen, Viki Gomez, Chad Johnston and Dominik Nekolny!
      Thanks once again for the honour of the lifetime achievement award guys, its not been a good year for me riding wise, so this was nice! Roll on 2013!

  2. Riders choice award is more of a popularity contest than a legitimate ‘riders choice’. If there were only 240 votes it would explain chads win. There were 492 ‘likes’ on the S&M facebook post that directly linked users to the survey and told them to vote for chad. I got love for Mckinney and its cool he did that for chad, and thats the support everyone would love to see!

    Would be cool to rename ‘riders choice’ to ‘most popular vote’ and then turn it into a social media contest to see who can whore the most votes 😉 Because I dont know if all of the sponsors posted for all of their customers to vote for their rider, but had they been told to do so im sure the vote count would have quadrupled.

    Seems like a advertising thing too as I didnt see this anywhere? So if one big sponsor (S&M) posts about it and no one else it kinda flaws the vote system.

    Bear in mind in specifically excluding my opinion on who should win so you trollers dont jump on me and start hating. This is just a opinion on the system and how to format it more fairly for everyone.

    Congrats to the winners and to the contributors

  3. With all due respect Sean, it’s not exactly the BAFTA’s. I think the idea was to give a few riders some extra recognition for their time, effort and dedication to flatland.

  4. Thanks to all the riders that voted!

    Stoked to see a wide variety of interviews from all over the world, thank you Anthony and Justin.

  5. Pete:

    If you REALLY want to ‘give a few riders extra recognition’ then the system should be fair to all riders so that ALL riders have a chance to get that recognition. Very pointless if a sponsored rider’s mfger posts ‘vote for me’ when no one else does. Its a empty win and a pointless award/poll.

  6. Thanks again for this guys! Appreciate being involved and everything.

    To Sean,
    While I know you weren’t referring to me, but I’d say it was pretty likely Chad was going to take it either way, it was super well received and top notch material. It was between Chad and James White for top edit of the year for me. Both of those guys are at the top of their game right now as far as I’m concerned.

    • Agree with Pete on this one, take a pick between James White, Pete and Chad for edit of the year. It is good for flatland to have these kind of awards. Well done to the flatwebtv guys, and everyone that won an award and also everyone that contributed towards a great year!

  7. Sean:
    If you REALLY want to ‘be a complete dick to someone you live in the same town as’ then the system should be fair to all riders so that ALL riders have a chance to get that recognition. Very pointless if a sponsored rider’s girlfriend posts ‘vote for me’ when no one else does. Its a empty win and a pointless award/poll, much as your post

  8. Congrats to Pete for the well deserved win. I have been riding with him for the last 12 years so I’m biased but I respect that Pete puts somuchthought into his riding. It’s pretty obvious when you watch him ride too. About 6 or 7 years ago he blew up skill wise and it was obvious he was going to go somewhere with his riding. He has definitely found his path impossible tricks are his thing for sure. I think he’s just getting started too

  9. Sean F:
    You should win the Fairness Awareness Prize (FAP)… the whole time I was reading your posts, all I could think of was FAP, FAP, FAP!

  10. Peter Olsen:

    Not once have I said that Chad did not deserve it or should not have won it. However facts are facts. If everyone else wants to pretend the facts dont exist so that their opinions weigh more, then that is the premise of ignorance.

    To reinforce this: Did Pete or James have one of the largest manufacturers post ‘vote for this rider’ on their page? No? Okay. End of story. Poll wasnt fair, they lost their opportunity to get this award because the playing field was not even. It was not the FlatWeb guys fault, it wasnt McKinneys fault, and it sure as hell wasnt chad’s fault that it ended that way….but there it is. Things dont always work out perfect and we learn from the examples and correct it in the future to make better systems. Keep on ignoring it and continue to be satisfied with a illogical faulty voting system.

    Gary: Im proud that I speak positively of S&M products and riders. Whenever anyone asks S&M and Odyssey are my two favorite companies as they are the last companies that have true respect for their customers and show it with their actions daily. My opinion on the companies however have NOTHING to do with the fairness of this vote. For all the rest you wrote: I dont understand what your saying, but it sounds like a bunch of irrational trolling.

  11. I don’t understand why you can’t voice your opinion on this site without everyone stating that you’re being negative, talking shit or have your post deleted. Sean was stating his OPINION and making a good point but people want to interpret it as talking shit when that clearly was not the case. Flatlanders need to stop being so soft and take opinions whether good or bad.

    • @Brandon G – No one is saying you cant voice your opinion, if you respect the site rules thats fine with me. (with regard to your delete comment). Haven’t deleted Seans have I? Thats his opinion…

  12. big thanx to anyone who dropped an edit on FM this year! they got me so hyped and able to cope with quite a bad year( bad spine/joint probs, plus loss of close family member and also my dog harry). after seeing chad and pete olsons edits i got myself a custom intrikat and am so stoked. so in my eyes all you guys who’s edits ive watched are winners. roll on 2013, peace.

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