15 Years of Flatmattersonline

When reflecting on 15 years of running the site, my initial thoughts trace back to the “To scuff or not?” article on the Blogspot site. Contemplating how much Flatland has progressed—advanced tricks, evolving techniques.

Up steps Mark Ward during a session at my flatland school, Mark is a fellow rider and designer, who’s worked with Greystoke BMX, Haro Bikes, and Dale Holmes racing brand Dvide recently. He proposed a futuristic series of drawings for Flatmattersonline Merch, offering a glimpse into where Flatland might be in another fifteen years that somewhat aligned with what I was thinking of to celebrate the anniversary.

Creatively, Flatland encourages letting your mind roam freely, exploring the realm of possibilities for dreams to become reality. In envisioning the future of flatland, could we witness the evolution of tricks like the crack hanger, without using pegs? Picture both feet on grips, reminiscent of the perceived impossibility of a no-handed hang ten with both feet on the grips, until RUM and particularly Takaaki Fukuda demonstrated to us all that this move is possible (who’s going to actually pull it though).
What about a two footed Xft cliffhanger, we have seen Martti Kuoppa & Takaaki Fukuda (there’s that name again)demonstrate a one footed variation, this trick stands untouched and is a definite possibility. Might it be commonplace in fifteen years?
Everything is achievable; it’s a matter of discovering the right method, technique, vision, and belief much as the likes of Martti, Takaaki, and all our flatland heroes have shown us.

Dreaming is an integral part of progression, many readers may have envisioned a new trick, diligently working toward that goal until you get it done. Regardless of the dream, that indescribable feeling is what fuels our continued pursuit, reminiscent of childhood joy.

A common saying resonates for me: “You don’t get old from riding; you get old and feel old when you stop riding.” BMX undeniably keeps one feeling young.

Flatland for me, is a lot of what ifs. What if I didn’t have a full time job, what if it didn’t rain 4 months of the year, the list goes on. My point is, get out there, capture your personal progression on film, make the best of whatever situation you have, explore new ideas, or revisit older ones. Keep on dreaming and thinking of what’s possible.
Thanks to everyone for your support over the last 15 years, I hope you enjoy our anniversary tees and merch.
Big thank you to Mark Ward for working on this series to enjoy our anniversary.

It’s time to celebrate, thank you Flatland!

Our 15th anniversary series merchandise is available exclusively from the SeventyEight BMX Store. Grab yours, these will be collectable items!

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19 thoughts on “15 Years of Flatmattersonline

  1. Happy birthday Flatmatters!Many thanks Big E for everything you have done for flatland and for all of us…My 32 years of riding is full of what ifs…..that’s how cross foot one footed no handed hitchhiker came true,just to give a personal example….What if…….Let’s go for another 15 years!!

    • Thank you Giannis! Keeping options open to any tricks, no matter what they are is a big factor too. And can obviously lead to other tricks, perhaps like your cross foot one footed no handed hitchhiker. That’s hard to type let alone do!!!

  2. Salud , Big-E ! Damn 15 YEARS. I’m very thankful and stoked that you took that page in Ride BMX U.K. magazine , partnering up with Chris Job…….. because it led to THE best internet representation of BMX Flatland , all across the globe. I’ve bent your ear with this constant statement…..but …..I have to say it again….THANK YOU for all you’ve contributed ON your bike , ( YOUR RIDING from 1986-till TODAY.) All your work in every BMX magazine , zine ( Totally Intense. ) , all of your top tier judging @ countless events , contests , running / creating events…….coaching Flatland …..the list is seriously endless. I appreciate ya , bruv . FLATMATTERS , TIMES 7 ……

  3. Happy 15th Big E!! I tried to get a t, but the site keeps saying that my order cannot be shipped to my address? I’ll send them an email, and see what’s up. Flat Matters for life!

  4. Here’s to another 15 years, or one and a half decades! You have become a vital publisher for Flatland, much like Freestylin magazine was back in the day. I enjoy your editorial choices and stewardship. It’s not always the top pros and contests, but also lots of local jams, amateurs, bike checks, and riders who blur the lines. Well done mate! Ride on!

    • Thank you Bret, to be compared to freestylin’ wow. Flatland is for everyone not only the top pros. I’m glad that comes across.

  5. FM means so much for flatlanders.
    It’s easy to post short clips today, every one can do it BUT run a website for 15 years is something different, something huge.
    Bid respect to you Effraim and the person behind the site.

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