Matti Hemmings wins U.K. Flatland Open + Full Results

The U.K. Flatland Open in Newport, Wales last Saturday was a good time. Big flatland area at a great heated venue was much needed as the U.K. saw its first widespread frost of the year.

Great to see some fresh faces as well as the contest regulars. Already talk of two events in April and November next year.


Matti Hemmings

Remus Simion.

Dan Margetts.

Josh Briars

Steve Green

Reece Thomason

Dino Jeffers


Mario Carelse

Mike O’Connell


Dino Jeffers

Matthew Dyer

Nikolas Cook

Simon Hill

Rob Christopher

Steve Rooke


Ellis Morgan



7 thoughts on “Matti Hemmings wins U.K. Flatland Open + Full Results

  1. Super event and feedback from Newport Live has been great. we are set to do events in April & November dates will be confirmed in the new year.

    The contest will focus on beginners, oldskool, am & pro.

    saturday being a pre jam from 4pm till 9pm then Sunday contest day from 9am till 5pm small entry free £10 to cover some of velodromes costs.

    Lots of positive stuff and amazing partnerships to go into 2024 with Newport live. Stay tuned for more details.

  2. Hemming has been cleaning up with wins . Rad rider indeed ! This event looked rad . Thanks for the post , E . I’m sure video will follow …so cool ,every class being represented properly too..

    • I’m looking forward to video as well brother. A chance to see what Dan Margetts is doing is always rad. That man’s ear wax quote in a past interview still makes me laugh to this day! FM produces pure flatland gold.

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