Peter Miklosi: 40 Edit

Four Pegs Bmx just uploaded this throughly entertaining new “40 Edit” by the talented Peter Miklosi out of Zurich, Switzerland. Love the opening rolaid to inside switch foot steam line at the 00:35, but there is so much more. Well worth a watch!

8 thoughts on “Peter Miklosi: 40 Edit

  1. This is awesome! Congrats to Peter on killing all those fire combos! X footed no hand wheelchair!?! X foot half packers and rollaids linked up like no big deal and everything else in the mix. Daaaaamn. All heavy duty stuff. The man has a mean tricktionary. Added falls to capture the struggle and journey. Rewatching this one for sure. Thanks everyone for sharing this.

  2. I had the smith vibe right away, thank you for showing the different views ,i have tried for years to figure out the rolling smith, never done it yet, but I will start working on it next year!!!

  3. Backwards spinning cross steam , reach under and slip to tea kettle , pull through bar to steam . X-leg crack packer spin , flip out to ashtray AND double footed fire haul. X-leg half packer pivot to steam , quick step to cross fire haul……DAMN , Miklosi is like Will Redd . Gets better on his bike with every birthday ! BMX KILLA = Peter Miklosi….thanks , Big-E for posting this.

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