2022 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards! Winners Announced!

It’s time to announce the winners of the 2022 Flatmattersonline Year End awards in Editorial and Reader Choice categories.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, congratulations to all the winners. Enjoy the Show!

* Full Show featuring nominees and winners to follow in the next few weeks.

Photo credit: Mike S.
Audio Shoutout: Martin Northern.

36 thoughts on “2022 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards! Winners Announced!

  1. Congratulations to the straddle K assassin! The official unofficial undisputed longest multi hour flatland combo world record holder! Anyone call Guinness yet!? And an all round amazing human being! Big ups to our man Rodney Williams!!! Keeping the fires constantly stoked 365 non-stop! Pushing us all forward no matter what when and where. Couldn’t be a more deserved outstanding contribution winner IMO. Even I wouldn’t have sent anything in to Big E for the FM exclusives or posted anything up on YouTube ever, if it wasn’t for Rodney calling me out in the ultra positive and motivating way that he rolls. Kept me out of my head and on my bike. Props to Rodney once again for staying true to his ways and setting an example for everyone!! I’m so pumped for you hearing this news Rodney, you the man brother! As always, don’t stop being awesome. Thank you for being you. Ride on.

      • E, thank you for everything you do here and everywhere as always! I feel horrible not voting, especially considering the work that goes into this. But if I can’t make the time(time management is a weak point for me) to properly review and assess all the material from from the year, I feel my votes wouldn’t be giving fair consideration to all the work all the riders put in. It would skew the results and tarnish the reputibility of the FM credential. Always staying true the whole culture from the athlete to the artist. Allot of respect goes out to the work you, and those like Dub do. It keeps flatland alive and hopefully growing for more to enjoy.

      • Big-E ……THANK YOU ! I am so damn humbled , stoked about this. When I found out I was working at work , Sunday. Art Thomason text me about it and I was like ….WHHHAAT ?! I couldn’t wait to get home and see this. Effraim , let me tell you ..I’ve looked up to your riding since 1997 , seeing your long link and entire section in Parade , O.G. Marton’s video. THAT long combo ya did till ya literally dropped ……THAT and Jason Brown’s 5 Combos video link , and Andrew Arroyo’s, 1995 Mysterious Promotions, prelim long link. ( wearing a back pack , ha. ) ….these things changed flatland for me forever after that….Also reading all your magazine columns for decades , your zines , video parts , edits , etc ,etc…..THEN reading FLATMATTERS and your Dig BMX magazine columns for even more years……it showed me ” damn this cat REALLY is all about the greater good for the sport / art form . Totally selfless and on his OWN time and dime .” When this site dropped I was fairly new to the net , ha. I listened to cassette tapes and watched V.H.S. tapes till 2005 , ha….I was AMMMPED since the ” to scuff or not to scuff ” article… ( I’m 170 % guilty ,ha. ) since that day in mid 2008……I’ve been like a fiend to this site .watching EVERYTHING and reading it , too . THIS site most days was the #1 reason why I’d log onto the net after work in the first place , haha…..judging by my years of relentless comments it’s not very hard to tell that , ha..I’m beyond grateful for every single damn thing that you’ve posted , addressed , created and brought forth to the masses with FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM. I remember back in 2004 . I used to round up riders, just to jam @ our previous session /tennis courts …….JUST calling riders…..that’s it. You know what ? It really took effort . Just making sure cats got there at the same time , had that day off work , etc……I often think about how MINOR that was compared to say…. managing , running a lucrative skatepark , family life , running the most GLOBALLY known BMX flatland site , coaching riders to start flatland , having to take multiple mile road rides to keep my knee/ back in shape , running a merch shop , judging contest GLOBALLY , being avid in the U.C.I. ……and STILL progressing at your own riding ! Yeah , your day to day put my 2004 phone call / jam organizing into a REAL honest perspective , ha…..Effraim , here’s a really honest , scary thought……think about the sport the past 15 years………NOW think about the sport the last fifteen years WITHOUT this site. I promise ya ….it’d be a WHOLE lot different and NOT in a good way…..riders literally live, strive to post their must watch edits , show their new tricks , and check THIS site for ALL thing flatland . E , I know totally underground , hardcore riders who cats think DONT even ride anymore. Cats that DONT follow , look at or even care to keep up with any flatland social media , videos , edits …..anything…..guess what , Effraim …..those same cats …..ALWAYS check THIS site on the DAILY , ha….your site has literally put a bright light on riders who are rad ,but otherwise would have gone unknown , unsung , and unheard of …..FACT. You’ve literally helped , flourished rider’s career’s with THIS site…..FACT. You’ve motivated and inspired cats to ride harder , get their footage on here , put on jams , contest , events……even GET BACK on their bikes after years…..FACT . When I think of this site I think of how ya even peeped serious game to me and everyone around the world about cats like Benjamin Hudson and Mateus Beckman , Michelle Maolani , etc…..you’ve literally made flatland better from the INSIDE out with THIS site , E…..this site is the fuel before a session AND fuel to come down…. AFTER a session…….it’s even fuel 4 days BEFORE a session. YOU have saved flatland , Effraim and if it were up to me every single reader on this site would contribute to the FLATMATTERS EXCLUSIVES to get ya to 100 ..no excuses. 5 minutes , smart phone , go ! Hell , bruv ….I’d give you 13 more except, they’d be yours , Jason Brown’s , and Andy Menz’s rip offs , haha……I’ll say it AGAIN I just don’t see how you’ve steered this ship , Effraim ….all these years AND progressed your riding at the same time with such serious responsibilities and injuries. I know one thing for sure though…..if YOU didn’t steer this ship………flatland would……….sink…

        • Thank you Rodney, your not the first I’ve heard say that about where would flatland be without the site. And I really appreciate that. You cover so much in this comment that I want to touch on, from my perspective I thought to myself when I started Flatmatters “that I wanted something that documented the flatland scene everyday, and I wanted to help others gain knowledge about flatland that I thought I could contribute and bring to the table.”
          This isn’t about me though this is about you Rodney. And I am really pleased to see the amazing amount of support for you throughout the comments, I think people do realise.
          I do feel if riders supported each other more the sport would grow, its quite a selfish sport/artform in some ways.
          Theres much to ponder about this comment, and still need to take in all you said, I appreciate the support for my personal riding Rodney. More power to you!!!

          • Right back atcha , Big- E ! Much love , thank you AGAIN ……and that new Karl tire-step waltz of yours is fresh !! New techniques , tricks and PROGRESSION ! FLATMATTERS !

    • BZ ! I REALLY appreciate the love , thank you , shredder ! I’m stoked on your flurry of junk roll / time machine pivot and smooooooth x-leg steam and no handed cross tea kettle, step to x -leg half packer lines . Right back atcha , bruv …..you motivate me , also with your bad ass riding , holding down a family , career , and now a sick V-log BMX BREAKFAST ! ( everyone needs to watch this , it rules ! ) You’re also a positive force / energy in the flatland and this site . Showing love to ALL riders , ALL styles …it takes one to know one , BZ . You’ve jumped back into the game after a career hiatus and brought to the BMX table ……rad riding , progression and nothing but good , real ,and positive vibes ! I salute one of the BMX rippers from the great white north. (CANADA ! ) YOU , homie . Crazy that you’re from there as one of yall’s great riders was one of my main influences to chase long links …Jason Brown , r.i.p. …..I briefly chatted with him on F.B. , years ago and he , like you and other Canadian riders was humble , positive and chill …..You’re the new blood reppin Canada these days , BZ and from the looks of your channel , which I look forward to even more content…..you’re doing a very good , sllllllaaaammmmmed job ..my BMX brother , stay shredding , being you on the bike and on the BMX BREAKFAST SHOW !!

  2. E,

    It is awesome that you recognized Rodney for all of his positivity and enthusiasm for flatland and the riders putting in true efforts; whether they are prepping for a contest, video edit, or just trying to learn something new. This was just an awesome acknowledgment.! 🙂

    • Scott , thank you ! I really appreciate the love , hermano ….I’ll NEVER forget April 26 2008 , Saturday night , I believe …around 8.38ish p.m. in Austin Texas . You were staying with Byron Anderson , visiting on holiday……I met you that night. I literally did only one small combo . Pulled it , set my bike down……..then relentlessly pestered you to do ANY and EVERY trick , line that I had seen you do in videos . I literally rattled off requests to you till about midnight….haha…..and you did , without question EVERYTHING I asked you to do . ( while having just learned hitchhiker juggles in a tight circle , where you juggle no handed in the middle of the juggler ! ) That night was one of the most craziest , hardcore displays of a live tricktionary being done by a flatland guru ! I was stoked about that for MONTHS . It was one of those instances where you REALLY see that some riders have a TON more in their bag than what you’d even begin to assume or have the slightest idea about . I’ve told this stories a million times and for good , justified reason ….with cats like you , Effraim , Chase , O.G. Marton , Trevor , Kuoppa , Claybom , K.J. , Giannis , Degroot , etc…….you crazy ass dudes with infinite tricktionarys on yall’s bikes…….it’s EASY and pretty much involuntary to be stoked , show support and highly acknowledge all these methods , creations and realms that yall have taken the sport to ! Thank you , also for mailing me all those videos of you , Schafaer and yall’s crew from 1993-1995 ………crazy …..you pulled EVERYTHING in those videos THAT night…..considering you hadn’t even done those things in years , and to pull them FIRST try…….wow , bruv …..ya also pulled , freestyled a line WITHOUT using pegs to end that session that night with the tennis court lights…..OFF. You did it just because……I could go on and on about that night………

  3. Thx BIG E for doing this every year!
    It’s like the oscars for bmx flatland, but without all the glimmer and fashion, just reel freestyle underground vibe like we all love and grow up to.
    congrats to winners and selected riders, but also to all the riders that stick to there’s small bike and progress even if it are small steps.
    It all lead to that one time landing the trick for the first time and fill our hart with joy.
    much love

    • Your riding , vibes and approach to flatland are very spiritual . I’ve been a fan . Still watching your garden spot lines flowed so easily . Cats like you , Sauter and Kiba move so gracefully around yall’s bikes. Keep ripping , Barre ! Please film another exclusive for this site ,bruv ….

      • Thx for the love Brother my heart is fill with joy reading this comment of you!!
        Also keep that positive aura energy around you, we need more people like you in this sometimes hard world. Opening up the heart and mind is only reaching his full potential if we all share it and stay in function for other people, protect this energy for your self well being, but we can’t let it change the giving part because of negative experience. we need every experience to grow yingyang.
        I promise I will film some new stuff for flatmatters exclusive in the coming mounths.
        Peace and love Brother

    • O.G. BMX flatland , park , AND street riding killa ! Gracias , Amos …I’m always stoked on your support and really look forward to even more riding from ya when you’re up to it , bruv……your section in Shutdown , Livid , S&M 4 Bikes ……those sections still hang n bang with the in vogue flatland / street hybrid riding edits ,today…..YOU were one of the O.G.s to start it on a serious , core level !

  4. I am so happy about Rodney.

    I’d been so selfish in 2022. Your show is reminding me of all the things that escaped my attention.

    I trained for Bentonville.
    Made edits.
    I have 2 completed edits that haven’t dropped yet.

    And all that consumed my attention.

    Thank you for doing this year end. It’s so good.

    The audio was fine.

    The substance was wonderful.


    I’ve been hyped on Rodney since we met back in the 90s (I’m sure he knows the exact day/time/place).
    This was well deserved and great message, we can all learn from Rodney!

  6. March 27 1999 , Saturday @ 4.48ish P.M. ….the Intellect skatepark, ( the first location, two blocks after the tracks. ) owned by Loretta at that time…….her and Cullen Mc Morrow’s BMX contest in Austin Texas ! Your first link 28 minutes before I met you……..time machine ,step up to pedal stance caboose , hook the front peg on your hip and baggy red t-shirt to do it no handed , step back down to caboose , lung spin , exit ! Blue Standard bikes frame , GT show forks , Hoffman chocolate bars , baggy cargo short , shin guards , your silky red hair in a pony tail , goatee ,also ! I’ve been STOKED on you , Mickey since that day . Had phone conversations with you from 9 P.M. till 4.35ish A.M. about flatland , how you look at flatland , Limp Bizkit , Tool , Jeff Derosche , Metallica , Paul Osicka , and how you met Eugene Collins……I met you , Art , Terry , Troy , that SAME day ! Love ya, dude ! We can ALSO learn that you can take a 12 year hiatus to build your very own successful business , raise a beautiful family , propose to your girlfriend before you ride in a contest , come BACK to the sport and progress more than ever , whooping ALOT of ass and take names , STILL invent your OWN moves , and be BETTER on your bike in your 30s……MORE than your 20s……YOUR story , homie and we can also learn from ALL of it !

  7. This award show be called the Rodney Award from here on out; exude positivity and show love to Flatland times 7!

    Dub as rider of the year makes so much sense. His influential reach is strong. Even Kio kind of owes his winning Xgames to Dub in a way.

    In his last run at COB in New Orleans I was thinking that he has probably rode with or talked to almost everyone in the crowd either at their home spots, contest, or jam. And he has probably done so on at least 4 continents.

    Best website on the planet. Flat matters!

    • Thank you , Morgan ! I appreciate and love your comment ! Also ….could ya please share that video link again ,of you busting out , I think it was a switch hand steam -flip to half packer ? That was dope , man. I look forward to you sending in some more of your riding to this site ,too. You’re spot on about Dub . I’m still bugging out over his last two lines @ C.O.B. ! Totally sent dat sh-t and aced it ! Hell YEEESSSSS , campeon….FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM, TIMES 7 ….

      • Totally. Ya! I hear ya. I need to get some clips… Look up Morgan y Ramirez Flatland Express on youtube. I am also in Tony Schneidewind´s video riding at Flatopia? Whichever of the Chicago Flatcrews places was outside of Chicago.

        Where does one find BZ´s Bmx Breakfast?


  8. Congratulations to all winners, especially Rodney.

    Rodney, thanks for the mention of BZ’s BMX Breakfast video–I watched the first episode and look forward to more.

    • Thank you , DG ! I really appreciate the congrats / love , bruv. I’m as stoked on BZ’s BMX BREAKFAST as you are , rad stuff ! Can’t wait till he drops more . DG , are you from Canada ,also …..did you used to ride with Billy Borys , the Pergentile brothers , Royer and Steve Fong ?

    • Thank you so much , DG ! I appreciate it ! I’m with ya on BZ’s BMX BREAKFAST video . Such good topics , vibes and personal flavor to his show ! Hope to see some clips of you also on this site , DG ! Mad respect to ya…

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