2 thoughts on “Alberto Moya & Varo Hernandez: Madrid Sessions

  1. What an amazing spot indeed. Even the maintenance workers stay out of the way and leave them alone. Spain has some wild architecture for sure, but not quite as wild and rad as these guy’s riding. It’d be so cool to see yearly edits from crews of riders from every country. Kinda like how Jimalog puts out the yearly jam edits from his area in Japan and all our brains implode from the flatland insanity that ensues.

    • The spot looks sweet , however their lines are so damn dope ! Varo has been on a mission riding wise…. and Moya ? Forget it , bruv ……Woldridge and I just literally chatted it up, discussing Alberto’s pivots , FULLY original concepts and oooozing steez going through his lines on both wheels …this is gonna take a watch or FIVE for me to take in and analyze , ha….I’m really digging their lines in this. Wild how this is a casual spot edit . More like a progression session edit . ( like Woldridge’s last edit ! ) Thank you , Effraim , I’m fully on board with this one………

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