Rodney Williams: FM Year End Awards /Thank You!

Rodney Williams drops some love for winning Outstanding Contribution in the Flatmattersonline Year End Awards with a sweet front wheel line in his parking garage, with medal on the whole time to boot!
So well deserved, thank you for sharing the love Rodney!

13 thoughts on “Rodney Williams: FM Year End Awards /Thank You!

    • Love you also , Marley ! I also see you’re lacing up your smooth rolling lines in contests AND organizing them , SLLLLAAAMMMED , sir…’re a true staple to the Floridian BMX scene and beyond…..


    Rodney is a flatland dictionary, encyclopedia, archive and almanac in human form.

    Talking to Rodney is like watching your favorite edit – you immediately feel inspired to GO RIDE. The guy just pumps everyone up, and never has a harsh word to share.

    You’re the best, Rodney. Congrats, man! \m/

    • Fully agreed. Rodney is a motivational juggernaut times 7 to the power of 7. After any interaction with the man, how could you NOT want to go ride?! I can’t imagine how involved and motivating an in person flat session and conversation with Rodney could be. It’s like time would stop, forget the twilight zone, you’d be in the flatland zone with Rodney! Living legend. Congrats again Rodney! Ride on brother!

      • BZ ! Mi amigo , I’m stoked on you , your riding , and vibrant Flatland vibes as well , sir ! Takes one to know one….. You bring that new school riding style and positive , motivating and deep energy yourself ,to the game . It’s rad to know and see you session , representing the Great White North / Maple leaf Flatland scene to the fullest , my man ……thank you for the support / love always , ripper !

    • Times 7 is correct , Mr. pedal five guru ! You’re a core rider whose still progressing @ 52 years of age ,on his bike with some serious hammer time in your lines. Multiple brakeless and opposite whiplashes stand up on their own …….and you’re getting them SEEEZZZZIED UP( going wild with them . ) in your lines ! I’m always stoked to chat with you . Whether it’s talking about bands ( Death , Black , Sludge , Doom ….ALL genres of Metal ! ) , our favorite riders , and especially your weekly progression on your bike……it’s all rad with me , Jefe . You rule , M ! As in M for the band Mismor and M for the stylish rolling trick you have WIRED……the Messiah !

  2. Rod, your positivity is like your links…endless and flawless. It’s crazy how you just go and go. Rad rider with an OG style! That’s freestyle. Congrats.

    • Love ya , Reggie . Thank you , bruv ! I’m heavily influenced and just taking where Big-E ( Effraim ! ) , Jason Brown , r.i.p. , Andrew Arroyo , Andy Menz , Leo Dumlao , Kerry Gatt , Eddie Egawa , Gernot Ibouing , Genjiro hiroshima , Sean Burnham , r.i.p., Martti Kuoppa , Dan Rigby , Nathan Penonzek , Lisias Tabrelli , etc……where they all left off when they all used to ride this way yeeeaaars ago , ha….I appreciate the love , Reggie ! You’re a shredder yourself on your bike , man !

  3. I REALLY appreciate the love , Big- E ! Thank you again mate ! Also… to have my video stickied @ the top of this site is truly an honor . Stoked ! Fact….this line is heavily influenced by your riding from early 1994-1995 . ( except your lines were MUCH more difficult , ha.)

    • Thank , Campeon ! I was actually watching , combing the net watching your effortless pedal stance ropes , steams and buttery smooth rolling pivots , via cross , inside Karls and crack packer step throughs . Your flatmatters exclusive line still rules today in 2023 . I’d be thrilled if you film another one , amigo ……keep ruling , Romulo !

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