Must Watch: Takahiro Enoki

3:46 of amazing front and back wheel mastery from Heresy’s Takahiro Enoki to get you hyped for this weekends riding sessions.
Loving the Switch foot tomahawk to backwards spinning seat grab hang 5 at the 2:55 mark, and on the back wheel Takahiro is master of the backwards two footed dump truck. Look out for the 2:40 mark with the turbine two ice cream jump to backwards two footed dump truck, adding layers to Takahiro’s already amazing riding. No one is doing this stuff, for a reason!

8 thoughts on “Must Watch: Takahiro Enoki

  1. Cross right ,inside circle -switch-B turbine to switch-b–tch , coming out rolling a backwards double footed back yard exit was lethal …..Yanmar style inside foot Karl turbine to cross elephant roll/ spin , ankle death stomp out was sick as well ! Pedal five inside carve , switch to the other foot ( on the same damn pedal ! ) was super technical …and TWICE in the line. His x-leg ice cream pivot AND x-leg fudge packer pivot , along with those jump trucks……N.B.D.s that are his own and as difficult as you could ask for . A HEAVY contender for edit of 2023 so far. I still remember Enoyang @ the 2001 X-Trials in Grand Prarie Texas . The first time I’d seen or ever heard of him . He so chill , relaxed in prelims and finals. Riding with headphones , smiling and naturally ruling the contest floor . He’d start every run with a fully extended top gun .( Rick Allison hand stand variation . ) Then he slam down dancing pinkys. ( double footed stepping, pinky squeaks . ) Around the worlds to hitchhiker lines and other technical brakeless madness . He was the most laid back riding in the contest ,but killing it . You were there , Effraim . Busting out all your new original switches . Front / back wheel aboard the green Quamen Clad , O.G. bars and riding for Adidas . I met you for 8 seconds @ the hotel beside Cerra , ha…..loving this edit . Core as hell , progressive and hammer style riding. Thanks , E !

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