Alex Jumelin wins French National Championships!

Congratulations to Alex Jumelin who won the 2021 French National Championships this weekend at the Fise flatland academy in Montpellier.

Alex was followed on the podium by Matthias Dandois and Varo Hernandez, with Julien Baran being the third place ranked French rider.

Good to see events continuing to happen, as we approach the end of 2021. Hopefully some footage soon from the contest. Props to everyone involved.

French National Championships top 3.

One thought on “Alex Jumelin wins French National Championships!

  1. I’d love to see videos of this event / Alex’s winning runs , too …..It’s wild how many years /times that Jumelin has completely dropped all his tricks , lines that he was doing ….wiped the slate……THEN come back with a totally different , original riding style ! Both brakes , one front brake on the switch side , brakeless , so many multiple riding styles . He hasn’t stopped his evolution of progression and creativity since freaking 1997 till……TODAY . I still watch his 1998 F.I.S.E. run , Fast Forward , Alex 75 and any video footage of him .( his riding @ the very first Flatland Voodoo Jam in 2004 being my favorite ! ) Props on another victory and for keeping the sport SLLAMMMING with fresh styles . ( and introducing me to Booba’s music . Some very rad tunes that go perfect with Flatland riding . You would almost assume that this rapper purposely makes his songs to flow with Flatland riding , cause they all do , hahaha.. )

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