Must Watch: Matt Wilhelm / Until We Ride Again

It’s a good day for edits on Flatmattersonline, first we had TJ Perry’s baby edit and now we have Hoffman Bikes very own Matt Wilhelm drop a banger that you do want to miss featuring lots of classics from Wilhelm’s huge arsenal of tricks!

There is so much to take in, can anyone spin as fast as Matt on this planet? Not to mention all the crazy switches that Matt throws down. This is getting rewinded right now, great to see the 360 dump truck move once again, absolute banger!!!

14 thoughts on “Must Watch: Matt Wilhelm / Until We Ride Again

  1. Wow Matt….yesterday i was checking your part from Flatsphere which is one of the best video parts ever imo and today….BAM.Awesome edit with signature style and links….TIMELESS.

  2. 360 body varial fudge packer , re-upped ……..and a FULL ON attack of signature new , furious , HAMMER lines ! This is such a heavy edit and I’m thrilled that he’s not only riding HAAARD …..he’s also progressing his new brakeless style ,just as hard . Yes , E ……REWIND !

  3. Matt this is next level sick!!!! Beyond stoked to see the 360 body varial back in action! The bike flips look dialed and effortless . Also really liked the camera work and how it was shot at multiple spots. Always huge respect for ripping both wheels equally savage. Thanks for this one! Totally agree with Scott, that was a FAST 4min. Captivating shredding indeed.

  4. 20 years back every flatlander felt like an other galaxy where life just developed in a different direction and you wanted to closely study them to understand what makes each of them tick. Matt is one of those galaxies, contributing to the flatland biodiversity and depth. Thats why we love it. Thanks for riding to the perfection.

  5. Big thanx for always creating new switches and raising the level of difficulty still higher!
    None of those tricks are easy, only high difficulty tricks, so impressive!
    And really good to see older tricks like the 360 body varial… timeless…
    Thank you for keep providing one of the purest flatland imo! long time fan of your riding!

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