TJ Perry: Baby

TJ and his wife found out they were expecting shortly after the Spring online AFA contest wrapped up in the spring. He decided he didn’t want to be doing the same old tricks and set out to progress as much as he could over the summer.
The result of that time dedicated to progressing is awesome to see and refreshing to watch, something about the snap you get switching with front brakes that is lost in brakeless riding in my opinion.

Really enjoyed this one, and look forward to part 2! Congratulations on the baby news too TJ….

7 thoughts on “TJ Perry: Baby

  1. Congratulations TJ for the baby and for your progression.Riding with brakes is much more beautiful than brakeless and here is the proof…i can think also infinite pieces as a proof…Looking forward for part 2 also Big E!

  2. A new baby AND new flowing , difficult , and technical combos ! These new combos are RAD , TIMES 7….T.J has consistently been on top of his game for many moons . Piano mastery , injuries , family life , etc…….and STILL riding as CORE as ever . I’m so loving his switches / transitions within these combos ….I’m still stoked on his 2006 combos , haha…..with these new ones….. it makes me respect / dig his riding even more ! Ditto , E and Giannis , the sound of that specific ” snap back ” is MUISC to my ears , amidst those banger switches, as he’s just EASILY flowing through each combo…….in a tight session spot……SKILLED !

  3. Call me crazy…but those are the same tricks from a while back. Congrats or whatever…babies don’t make marriages last.

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