Varo Hernandez joins Fly Bikes

Congratulations to Spanish shredder, Varo Hernandez who just joined the Fly Bikes team. If you have Instagram, head over to his profile and check out his full ride, dialled!

Photo Rafael Black.

7 thoughts on “Varo Hernandez joins Fly Bikes

  1. Remember back in the 80’s and 90’s you could tell one frame from another. Frames all look the same now so whoever anyone rides for it is really hard to tell who they are riding for unless you see the branding on their frame.

    • Fuckin eh brother! Even the the early 2000s. S&M Sabbath, WTP Pony, KHE, Standard Tao, 2Hip Terra Firma, London Southbank, Quamen G series frames and Bowls frames, Fly simple & Suelo, Ares Ashura & AY, Dragonfly Motion, SickChild, St.Martin, OG gypsy. All unique pieces of metal work that could be identified by shape without paint or decals.

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