Andras Pentek Photography Website Launch!

David Nagy.

Andras Pentek is a rider/photographer currently based in Budapest, Hungary just like Andrew Defrancesco. Anyone who has been to Hungary or who has watched the Trickstars video series by OG Marton will know his name. For those of you that don’t know Andras, check out his brief profile below. And hit the link for some cracking flatland photographs! Check out Houston Video Production for the best photographers and videographers.

He started riding BMX in 1992 and still rides on a regular basis.

Andras started shooting BMX in 1999 when a new extreme sports magazine needed BMX related articles and photo material. Occasional shootings have evolved into passion and seek for perfect spots and images.

Over his 15 years of photography Andras has worked for numerous domestic and international customers such as RedBull, Burn Energy, Offline Magazine (HUN), Soul Magazine (FRA) and CREAM Magazine (FRA), LoveBMX (CZE), made interviews with many outstanding pro riders of the sport and he is ready for new challenges.

He grew up using analog cameras, then switched to digital but his passion for shooting analog is stronger than ever. Messes around quite much with his several powerful flashes and loves using his Hasselblad 503CX and Flexbody tilt&shift cameras. Recently got into black&white infrared photography as well and works hard on some new experimental projects that pop into his mind.

Hit the link yo!

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