Aude Cassagne: Welcome to Heresy BMX

What a couple of weeks it’s been for Aude Cassagne! Not only the 2022 UCI World Championship title in the Womens Elite class, how about a fresh hook up to the dopest flatland team in the game, Heresy BMX! Aude’s level is crazy and there are a couple of moves she didn’t drop in Abu Dhabi in this one. Congratulations to Aude once again, so well deserved!!!

7 thoughts on “Aude Cassagne: Welcome to Heresy BMX

  1. Chapeau bas Aude! I have seen some of your older video and considered you as one of the best female riders since then. The UCI title is well deserved! But this video is even more impressive! So many good links and I haven’t seen many of them from you before… The last combo is super nice with that steam to halfpacket link. Cheers!

  2. Her switch hand steam twist -step through, to single kick side yard / packer , the one handed hang ten , jump to pedal steam , tight circle cliffhanger ,step out to Karl , butter slip to side packer…….all of these things and her entire edit RULED. A U.C.I. title , with that slamming winning run ….so many heavy accomplishments back to back ! Heresy chose very wisely ….Aude has been ruling for year….so dope to see her get her just rewards ! Loved this welcome edit ……Women BMXers represent !

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