Bike Days 2015 Day 1

Text/Photos: Effraim

It’s a been a long day for me here on day 1 of the 2015 Bike Days contest in Solothurn, Switzerland. Like I did for the BITR contest in November, I wanted to do do daily updates kind of like in diary form of each of my days here at Round 1 of the 2015 World Circuit.

Bike days


One of the best things about flatland, is the friendships you make travelling around country to country hitting different contests. Dan Hennig and James McGraw kindly picked me up from Zurich airport this morning for the Bike days contest after a 3am start for me to get to London Gatwick, the flight at least was a short one at 1 hour 15 minutes.


Upon arriving we went back to Dan’s apartment, we met up with Kevin Nikulski, Dustyn Alt, and Camilo Gutierrez chilling before we made the hour trip to Solothurn.
I also discovered the riding spot Dan films a lot of his videos from is indeed below his apartment block, dialled!
The Switzerland countryside is beautiful, so much green land, and mountain back drops. I joked with James McGraw this was the real Battle in the Rockies, as when I arrived in Colorado last year none of us could see the mountains.


Soon enough we were in Solothurn, and the Bike Days festival is taking over this beautiful historic town. The flatland area was just being set up, so we popped just across the road to a nearby flatland spot by a church, there was a good session for an hour or so with James McGraw, Thomas Noyer, Jeremy Brosset, and a Russian shredder who’s name for now escapes me.



When we returned to the venue, the likes of Viki Gomez, Naoto Tamaru, Quietin Pelorson, Hiroya Morizaki, and Moto Sasaki were warming up. The floor is awesome, fast and smooth surface. It promises to be an epic event with riders arriving the whole time I’m doing this update.


I have just finished up a judges meeting, then got some food at the catering, super dialled set up here! There’s a lil show tonight at 9 to finish off the day and get the riders warmed ready for qualifiers tomorrow at 3pm. Stay tuned. I’ll be back tomorrow with more, who’s enjoyed this lil’ break down of my day?

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