7 thoughts on “BIZHOUSE GYRIZZLE Gyro Cable | Back Break Heater!

  1. This thinking is SO creative, it completely duplicates something identical that Dragonfly created over 20 years ago. this guy is on the good stuff.

  2. NAP! HORNS! Ahahahahahahaha! All while painkiller’s playing for the track. This is gold! Way to lighten the load. Thanks for putting this one together Shawn!

  3. @ 4.43 minutes ! Fire hydrant to foot jam catch ,walk over / apple crate-ade ! His fire hydrant to decade , fire hydrant to walk over , and Shawn’s other lines . I was as stoked on his riding as I now am on this PERFECT innovation for Gyros ! Wham , bam …….Biz House SLLLAAAMMED ! Oh , yeah, Shawn after your NO handed stick-B , ( so RAD of a move ! Always wanted those ….never to this day could ever do them , haha ! ) You say ” Freddy Brown , Freddy Brown , in that two hour combo ! ” I know who that cat is ! His riding style RULES . Love his back to side packer juggles @ speed , I think he’s still rides a K.G.B. frame ……so Freddy did a two hour combo ??! Where is that @ on the net , I’d love to see that , bruv ! Freddy Brown RULES as YOU do also , Mr. White !! BIZHOUSE , F.F. 4 LIFE , TIMES 7…………….

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