2 thoughts on “Nick Watts: 7th September

  1. Damn Nick RULES ! Having just barely learned bar spin junk yards , myself ……..and seriously struggling with them , haha……..his bar spin , head tube grab /one handed ropes are impressive as hell to me ! Just popping into them , dead stop via cross ankle death , STALLLLLLING them with Matrix control , haha , lacing Smiths @ the very last second , and his over all command .absolute mastery of his bike , lines is so rad watching . I think Fester talked about recognizing a rider behind a tapestry , them riding and their identity being hidden……only seeing their movements and being able to tell who that rider is because of their distinctive riding style , he talked about THAT being the ultimate goal in Flatland . I.e. , THAT perfectly defines Nick Watts…………

    • Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words Rodney! I have no idea how you have the time to give everyone so much support in-between your amazing 60min long combos!! Always stoked to get your feedback mate. Cheers Nick

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