Cory Fester: The Hang 5 Podcast

It’s not very often lately, that I drop what I’m doing to dedicate two hours to listening to a podcast.
Cory Fester has always been one of my favourite riders, but also a great human! This is a must listen, Francois Debroux sits down with Cory to talk all things flatland, from calling out Matthias Dandois for a battle at Flatground, travelling, judging contests, working on videoparts, and so much more…

Hit the link below:

3 thoughts on “Cory Fester: The Hang 5 Podcast

  1. That was fun!! Its like I got to hang out with Cory again, but didn’t have to drive to Edmonton. Haven’t seen the Western Canadian cats in person in like a dozen or more years. Ride on Cory!…………………..and maybe……if you can………. just try…….. to have a little fun on that bike of yours.

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