Bruno Zebu wins UrbanRuralRide + Full Results

What a weekend in Saint-Yan, France for the First UrbanRuralRide contest, massive congratulations to Bruno Zebu taking the win in the Pro Class with video part tricks in his runs, absolutely incredible. The final battle with Bruno, Joris Bretagnolles and Alberto Moya, was a great display of the diversity that makes flatland so great, Bruno with technical front wheel pivotry, Joris killing it on the back wheel, and Alberto Moya riding at times in slow motion, and heckling the crowd as he’s riding. The energy was 100 percent natural and left me with a really good feeling on this event, and the weekend.
The “little prince” as they call him in France, Julien Baran took a well deserved fourth place spot killing it all weekend playing with the crowd mid blender, and stomping half cab whoppers to the pedals with authority out of long flowing lines. I said it before and I’ll no doubt say it again, this kid is knocking loudly on the door, look out!

It was great to be back judging as a live contest after over two years, and this event looks like it is here to stay I would say. The crowd were amazing all weekend long, the final battles in pro were amazing. Keiro Kuda stomping a huge half cab 720 in the best trick contest was one of the highlights of the weekend, his pop is amazing to see in person, if you were there or you have seen him ride you will know what I’m talking about, powerhouse!

60-70 riders in attendance throughout the weekend is a decent turnout, with so many fresh faces. Fellow judge Alexis Desolneux, commented that he hadn’t seen a lot of the riders in the AM and girls class. And the progression from the Fise Flatland academy crew was inspiring to say the least, not to mention the support they have for each other.

Big thanks to Joris, and Marion for a great event that put smiles on all our faces. It’s great to be back on the live contest season.

Off to X Games now!!!



1. Bruno Morotti Bacchiegga.
2. Joris Bretagnolles.
3. Alberto Moya.
4. Julien Baran.
5. Gilles van de Sompel.
6. Keiryo Kuda.
7. Anatole Rahain.
8. Jorrit Van Drumpt.
9. Kevin Jacob.
10. Martin Drazil.
11. Jean Bulhon.
12. Didier Genet.


1. Robson Teixeira.
2. Dimitri Tardif.
3. Maxime Cassagne.
4. Jean-Michel Chauvel.
5. Yannick Chauvel.
6. Gilles Laurent.
7. Gabriel Gallon.
8. Mickael Piccolo.
9. Guillaume Hiblot.
10. Nils Buyse.


1. Melissa Droll.
2. Lou Villeminot-Aggad.
3. Louise Seigneur.
4. Eva Andre Benoit.
5. Jeanne Seigneur.
6. Maele Huet.
7. Lauriane Chauvel.
8. Zoe Scalfert.


1. Maxime Mehaut.
2. Enzo Gianelli.
3. William Le Nezut.
4. Clement Porcher.
5. Antoine Gardiol.
6. Gabin Jumelin.
7. Andre Gardiol.
8. Matthias Perrot.
9. Nikhil Murali Krishnaa.
10.Swan Palvadeau-Forestier.

8 thoughts on “Bruno Zebu wins UrbanRuralRide + Full Results

    • Your welcome Rodney, such a great event! The level like I just said to Paul, was great in all classes. The girls particularly, and the pro class finals was so good! Hopefully some videos, I know there were plenty on instagram.

  1. that was a sick event and a so good and lovely gathering of nice people. Flatland events are still that cool when it comes to have great time and make nice souvenirs. Joris and the team killed it!! I can’t wait to enjoy that next year!

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