X Games Japan: Day 1

The stage is set for the return of flatland to the X Games in Japan the home of modern day flatland I think it’s fair to say.

As I went to check in on my journey to Japan, the Japan airlines steward said “we can’t take a French PCR test you have to get it translated before you can board,” after a little bit of back and forth the head steward translated the PCR test. I thought for about an hour that I was going to be unable to make the trip to Japan, thankfully they saw sense and allowed me to check in at London Heathrow, the trip was smooth sailing after that point.
It’s a real honour to be invited to be head judge at a contest I competed in several times.

I just arrived into Tokyo Haneda Airport after a long day travelling, doing all the tests, and checks on arrival. The set up was dialled from my arrival, someone picking me up and taking me on the 30 minute drive to Chiba, Japan. Yes, that’s the home of Moto Sasaki, who is competing in the X Games.

The host hotel is looking amazing, As I arrived I already Matthias Dandois, Terry Adams, Yohei Uchino, Alex Jumelin, Naoto Tamaru, Yu Katagiri, Varo Hernandez, Viki Gomez and more in the lobby, was good to see some of the most famous skateboarders kicking it with the flatlander! Good vibes with everyone in good spirits.

The big story so far is a sad one, Jean William Prevost aka Dub tested positive for Covid on entry to Japan. Dub’s spot has been taken by Kio Hayakawa none the less. I just really feel for Dub, he now has to stay in a hotel quarantined for seven days.

Stay tuned for updates from the X Games, short and sweet for today, stoked to be out here in Japan!

6 thoughts on “X Games Japan: Day 1

  1. Now THIS is what I’m talking about ! Thank you , Big-E for this and the upcoming updates for this historic event . I’ve been waiting patiently for this to go off , even rambling to my mom about it , haha. When I saw Terry’s last Insta post …I thought ” That’s KIO with them ! So rad that he got let in . After all …..he pretty much is leading progressive Flatland riding these days . ” Now…….I’m stoked for Kio but REALLY bummed for Dub . Dub has been right there morphing a type of back wheel flow that’s so difficult , original , and surreal since early 2010 …..and it’s only gotten HARDER and added even MORE flow. His Puro Flat-part 3 edit is as much HEAVY today as it was when he unleashed it on the net. Prayers going up for Dub for a speedy recovery , good spirits while he’s in quarantine……….and a serious mental fire lit ,to hang and freaking bang a fresh edit of his monster flow when he returns home . I’m always up for a new Dub edit . Such an honor being hand selected as a LEADING judge , E ! Congrats , TIMES 7 …….

  2. All of Flatland GLOBALLY , already knows the deal……..you’ve been there done that with EVERY time era of tricks , links , variations , techniques , positions , ALL of it . On BOTH wheels , even CREATING loads of stuff throughout many moons of your Flatland career . So it’s only fitting and CORRECT to have you at the head of the judges table. I’m REALLY stoked on THAT and will be eagerly looking forward to your updates on Chiba . Flatland WINS with this Chiba X-Games contest. Kio in the mix now ……bruuuuuuuv , as you say , Effraim . ” It’s hotting up in here ! ” Too many Flat-Killaz in this event and it could go any way , anyone’s contest because all these cats got the difficulty , originality and HAMMER lines to dish out. Not to mention all of em can deliver in a contest situation . Chiba is about to SLLLLLAMMMMM DOZER into the history books of BMX Flatland ……….and I’m all for that. FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM always coming correct with the GLOBAL coverage…..MINT !

    • It is most definitely hotting up in here, crazy level here as it should at the X games.With the heaviest weight being selected on originality, progression and difficulty be expecting a great contest!

  3. I think Dub’s fully capable of shredding with a cold. Not a valid reason for stopping one of the world’s best from riding at a top tier event. I call shinanigans. Global covid theatre needs to drop the curtain already. Not an accurate representation of world wide flat at this event. Needs more riders. Guess Kio’s going to be the next xgames flat champ, long as he doesn’t get a cold.

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