Mickey Gaidos wins AFA Round 1 in Houston, Texas + Full Results

Catching up on a busy contest weekend after my trip to Lyon. Over in the States, Round 1 of the 2022 AFA series went down in Houston, Texas. Congratulations to Mickey Gaidos taking the win in the Pro Class, Ed Jolie winning the Expert Class, Will Redd back from injury winning the Olds Cool Class, and Joseph Perez winning the Beginner Class. Thanks Todd Carter for sending in the results and podium shots!

Pro Class
1. Mickey Gaidos
2. Dax Wolford
3. Omari Cato
4. James McGraw
5. Bobby Burge
6. Art Thomason
7. Ruben Castillo
8. Rodney Williams
9. Todd Carter
10. Cesar Rengal

Expert Class
1. Ed Jodie
2. Kelly Baldwin
3. Troy Hebert
4. Steven Lapsley
5. Ron Monis
6. Luis Oalmas
7. Ezra Patton
8. Roberto Reyes
9. Julio Cotto

Old’s Cool Class
1. Will Redd
2. Jeremy Jones
3. Lance Lyons
4. Dillan Parada
5. Dan Hall
6. Reid Arendall

Beginner class
1. Joseph Perez
2. Presto Wilson
3. Adam Ortiz
4. Adam Muhammad
5. Hamza Muhammad
6. Coda McGraw
7. Yusuf Muhammad
8. Vanessa Martinez
9. Pete Rodriguez
10. Jayden Castro
11. Allison Granada’s
12. Ezeriah Patton

3 thoughts on “Mickey Gaidos wins AFA Round 1 in Houston, Texas + Full Results

  1. James Mcgraw , Todd Carter =the A.F.A. , Patrick Schoolen = Flatland Fuel , Art Thomason , Omari Cato , EVERY and ANYONE who sponsored and made this event happen ……all the riders in EVERY class , the judges , Lauren = photographer ….literally EVERYONE ….THANK YOU , TIMES 7 . Bobby Burge , THANK YOU . This was a blast and such a fun event that I’m still buzzing about . Riding in the pre-jam , contest , multiple jam circles was SLLAAMMMED and so much fun ! One of the most rad events that I’ve ridden in ever . EVERY rider in EVERY class seriously busted out their tricks and combos . I’ll never forget this one . Podium finishers in EVERY class totally got AGGRO on their bikes , making it one helluva show / contest . I’m very honored to support the A.F.A. !

  2. Also the D.J. , Billy the bike shop owner , the people of the Civic center , Texas Flatlanders , Burge engineering , Art Thomason for the late night hospitality AND his turbine Karl ( SWITCH foot ! ) to no kick -bar flip to hitchhiker ! ) , again…..EVERY single person involved in ANY form…..THANK YOU , I really mean it ….

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