Catching Up with Sebastian Grubinger

During the BMX Cologne contest weekend I caught up with Heresy rider, Sebastian Grubinger to talk about the history of the BMX Cologne. We discuss his first experiences there, his riding spot back in Vienna Austria being made smaller, his opinion on contest areas being a rolling rider, the Heresy brand, his prolific posting on instagram, the importance of the video part and a whole lot more. This was a great catch up with Sebastian, good times in Cologne once again!

4 thoughts on “Catching Up with Sebastian Grubinger

  1. This is the best one by far of the catch-up series. It’s a great insight the background of what riders do within their crews. Great stuff! Much respect Big E for this one and much love Seb for your legendary rolling style.

  2. Haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but would be great if you could work with a lavalier microphone or similar for better sound quality. The wind noise in the cam mic is a little annoying 🙂 (just saying, not hating)

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